10 reasons to visit Skiathos - Out of season ...

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When the tourist season is over the real Skiathos emerges. Many who arrive here in summer fantasise about the island but never see its real beauty. To do so you need to visit the island out of season, that's when you are welcomed by the islanders, for the reason that you are a real 'Skiathos Lover' to have made the journey here.

1. The harbour in Skiathos:

Highlight of the day is the arrival and departure of the Flying Cat and car ferry, In winter just a few boats and the trawlers. Once the ferries have departed, you have reflections and the sound of seagulls overhead, awaiting the return of the fishing boats.

The harbour

2. Papadamatis

Skiathos is the home of Alexandros Papadiamantis was born on the island of Skiathos and lived here writing until his death in 1911. To discover more about him, its best to read a translation of one of his books, sitting by a warm log fire in the Mouria hotel. This where he took a glass of wine a hundred years ago by the same fireplace above which his portrait now hangs. 

3. Flora and fauna:

The olive groves and beaches spring to life after a shower of rain. Wild flowers appear safe in the knowledge they will not get trampled underfoot. Wherever you look, Lovely flowers bursting out in the sunshine - everywhere ...

Hello flower ..

4. Walking the island

Its the best mode of transport, its free and allows you to see so much more. There are some excellent guide books, which give you routes to the roof of the island, the magic forest, and the beaches of the north shores. The dogs home at Kounistra can be visited and they allow us to take dogs out for exercise. Its a great way to further explore this beautiful island with man's best friend and the beauty of Skiathos all around you ...

5: Amazing Light and colours

The sunlight burns your eyes and reddens the skin, yet what you see is an artists pallet of colour before you. Aquamarine blue and the green of the Koukounaries pine, with translucent water, that sparkles and shimmers before you.

Gone fishing ?                   

6 Kastro

Kastro is a natural fortress on the north of the island, it was the main town on Skiathos for around 500 years, Three of its four sides overlooking the sea were surrounded by walls. In the past, the only access was by a wooden drawbridge. In times of danger, the bridge was drawn back into the fortress and the enemy was thus unable to pass through. The islanders dropped hot oil on any attackers who might have succeeded in reaching the iron gate.
Now its a beautiful ruin, and you can explore it at this time of year at peace with nature, and usualy alone ...

7 Tsiporakia

Walking along the paralia, you may be tempted by an outside table at Kabourelias. Tsipouro is the drink of Northern Greece. Its served with a meze of tasty snacks. One leads to another and sometimes another. Then you sleep and dream and wake another day and perhaps do it again ...

Still not tempted ?

8 Evaggelistra Monastery

"Moni Evangelistria" (The holy monastery of Annunciation) one of the most remarkable monuments of Skiathos. It is surrounded by beautiful country side. The church of the monastery, honoured to the "Annunciation of the Virgin", It is in this very place the official Greek flag was raised in 1807 and provided great economical and moral support during the Revolution of 1821. The monastery is easily accessed by bus or car. It is 4.2 km north of Skiathos town, It takes about an hour if you walk there

9 Island friends

In winter our island friends always have time for each other, there is a spirit of friendship all around. Here is Theo, on his way to set the nets. Once again he has promised me a bucket load of fish in the morning, and to take me out on the boat, and to retell me his life story - Aviro (Tomorrow) we say, and one day we will - But most of all he is looking forward to summer ...

 A fisherman friend...

10 Kounistra Monastery

Where the Iconistria" (Icon that shines like a star) or "Kounistria" (She who swings) was found, and continues to be the protector of the island of Skiathos. The icon is returned across the hills every 20th November in a procession, where the islanders many of whom walk barefoot sing and pray as they share the task of holding the icon aloft. You can do it too, you just have to be here ...

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  1. Hi, John Buckman just sent me your link, and I am enjoying it thoroughly..adding to Yvonne and Victorias blog...giving me an idea of happenings on Skiathos all year round.

    My name is Sandra Robinson and we have a villa in Kalamaki now for 36 years, we lived in Athens having evacuated from Beiruit and have spent every summer coming from different parts of the world. How the island as changed this year with several new restaurants and shops..but our part of the island remains the same, quiet away from the maddening crowds of August.

    My husband has now retired and we will spend summers and maybe even winters..

    I would love to be put on your mailing list...


  2. Hi Sandra

    Good to hear from you, Its easy to go on the mailing list. Just use the 'Follow by Email' link, on the right hand side, below the 'Skiathos Weather' information ...

  3. We're going next July. Given the chance I would visit all year round.

    1. If you have the "Boomerang bug" it's the next step ...


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