My travel literature library ...

I posted this some time ago, you may find some of the books of interest ...


A Year in Provence: Peter Mayle
Encoure Provence: Peter Mayle
Hotel Pastis: Peter Mayle
The Elusive truffle: Mirabel Osler
The Luberon Garden: AlexDingwall-Main
The Man Who Broke Out Of the Bank and Went for a Walk in France with his wife: Miles Morand
Toujours Provence: Peter Mayle
Toute Allure: Karen Wheeler
Toute Sweet: Karen Wheeler


Aegean Dream: Dario Ciriello
A flat-pack in Greece: Eva Goldsworthy
Blue skies and Black Olives: John Humphrys and Christopher Humphrys
Captain Corelli's Mandolin: Louis De Berniers
Corfu Banquet: Emma Tennant
CRETANS Stories of a Beach: Alexis Mantheakis
Gates of the wind: Michael Carroll
Greek walls: John Waller
Return to the Aegean: Russell EJ
Skiathos now and then: Elsie Markitanis
Swimming to Ithaca: Simon Mawer
The Boundless garden: Alexandros Papadamatis
*The Eagle of Spinalonga: Nike Azoros
The Greek for love life and loss in Corfu: James Chatto
The Greek Islands: Lawrence Durrell
The Illegal Gardener (The Greek Village Series Book 1) Sara Alexi
The Island: Victoria Hislop (2x)
The Olive Grove: Katherine Kizilos
The summer of my Greek Taverna: Tim Stone
Walks of Skiathos island: Vasilis Korallis
*Added 17/12/13


A Small Place in Italy: Eric Newby
A thousand days in Tuscany: Marlena de Blassi
Catching Fireflies: Tony Rocca
Dear Olivia: Mary Contina
Four Seasons in Tuscany: Alann Parker
Italian Neighbours: Tim Parks
The Olive Farm: Carol Drinkwater
The Olive Season: Carol Drinkwater
The Reluctant Tuscan: Phil Doran
The Ripening Sun: Patricia Atkinson
The Tuscan Year: Elizabeth Romer
Tuscany for beginners: Imogen Edwards-Jones
Under the Tuscan sun: Francis Mayes


A Parrot in the Pepper tree: Chris Stewart
Driving over Lemons: Chris Stewart
Jogging Round Majorca: Gordon West
No Turning Back: Martin Kirby
Tapas and Tinto: Pete Wolstencroft, Stephen Candler
The Almond Blossom appreciation society: Chris Stewart


On foot through Africa: FFyona Campbell


Year of the roasted Ear: Donna Carrere


Between Extremes: Brian Keenan & John Macarthy
Full Montyzuma:Peter Moore
Old Man and the Sea: Ernest Hemingway


Clear waters Rising - A Mountain walk across Europe: Nicholas Crane


Air Babylon: Imogen Edwards Jones
Matthews travels - 10 Years of the Travel show: Matthew Collins
Worst Journeys: Keith Fraser
Testosterone planet: O’Reilly

Some new additions 1st December 2013

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