Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Repatriation flights and new Bus timetable - 2nd October ...

It's the time of year, and everyone is rather unstable ...

Someone said to me just the other day its due to the planets, that had me wondering. Whats he got to do with it Gustav Holst? He has been dead for years ...

Yesterday was the day of days, in one office the girl was freaking out, shouting and strangely pointing at the computer screen (Not a video call), and purposely ignoring me. After throwing the expensive i-phone on the desk a few times, then made eye contact - very theatrical ...

Then she thought how can I get rid of the guy?  So dialled the number I needed, and gave me the office phone, how bizarre. How did she know - well I have asked the same question every two days since mid September? If only they paid me to do their job too ...

'What pay you - no this is a favour' ...

At least now I was connected, it seems the person on the other end was sane and understood exactly what I wanted, and who knows the man may come, Somehow I doubt it ...

New Bus timetable

Anyone still here waiting for a bus? The timetable changed this morning ...

Click here to see the updated page over there >>====>

Temperamental fridge

Top tip: Buy a cheap one as the expensive ones can't cope. The change in the weather caused the fridge to freak out. I have more knowledge about the operating system of this fridge than a certified engineer.  Even the engineer can't be bothered to come out anymore.

Honestly, the hardest thing to do here is to get someone to do what they are supposed to do, its the season of coffee and tsipouro, that's the place you will find someone, the cafe or the ouzeria ...

Today another challenge, off with a pile of papers, where shall I go first the coffee shop?

Repatriation flights - 2nd October

Last night, the talk on the cobbles in town, was that the Manchester flight was cancelled ...

However, it seems that it's on after all. I understand that two flights are coming, and that the Bristol/Gatwick flight is combined then a coach to Bristol ...

Flights will be operated by A321 aircraft, just like the Thomas Cooks ...

It's another airlift day down at the airport ...

New flight details - Manchester

Date 2 October
Flight code ZT1195
Departure airport Skiathos (JSI)
Arrival airport Manchester (MAN)
Departure time (local) 13:45
Arrival time (local) 17:00

New flight details - Gatwick & Bristol passengers
Date 2 October
Flight code ZT1107
Departure airport Skiathos (JSI)
Arrival airport London Gatwick (LGW)
Departure time (local) 14:55
Arrival time (local) 16:30

New flight details - Bristol

***IMPORTANT - CHANGE OF UK ARRIVAL AIRPORT*** This is a change to the original UK arrival airport. This flight will be arriving into London Gatwick (LGW) airport and transfers back to Bristol (BRS) airport will be provided. Representatives will be there to meet you once you have passed through UK arrivals and they will provide instructions on your transfer.

Latest score from the fly swat Skiathian 16 - Wasps 0 ...

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  1. I would just like to say what a fantastic job you do with your blog, informative to us Ex TC customers & also good humour.I have been following since I booked our holiday. Getting closer to the time, we weren't sure we would get here, but we did and you showed our flight landing from Manchester. Yes the last TC plane to land at Skiathos airport, so sad for all.
    Well, we are half way through our second week and I must say, I can see why you choose to live here. What a beautiful 'Rock'.
    I am sure we have done most of the touristy things. Boat trips, Red bus to the Monastery, several beaches, restaurants and too many bars. We celebrated our daughters 21st birthday in Totem Rock Bar and had an awesome night.
    If you see us wandering about, you'll know who we are. My daughter has blue & green hair and my husband has a long white beard that I'm desperate to cut off😂
    If you see us, please make yourself known. 🖐️

    1. Dear 'Unknown' Thanks for the post, feedback always very welcome. However no idea who you are but thinking, I may have seen you last night ...

  2. Thanks for the reply. To be honest you can't miss us! 😂

    1. Do you people have names ?
      Let the world know who the new 'Unknown's are, and where you are from ...

  3. Hi World, the new 'Unknowns' are, Alison, Andrew & Catherine from Carlisle, Cumbria. 🖐️😁

    1. So confusing - You must try to sort out yur email ID :)


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