Friday, 27 September 2019

Repatriation flights - 27th September ...

Gatwick - Manchester - Newcastle
Now delayed until Saturday 28th September ...

Unless otherwise notified, passengers should get to Skiathos (JSI) airport by 17:00 on Friday 27 September where hotel accommodation will be provided.

Stansted - New flight details
Date 27 September
Flight code ZT1079
Departure airport Skiathos (JSI)
Arrival airport Stansted (STN)
Departure time (local) 13:20
Arrival time (local) 15:10
East Midlands - New flight details
Date 27 September
Flight code ZT1005
Departure airport Skiathos (JSI)
Arrival airport East Midlands (EMA)
Departure time (local) 19:50
Arrival time (local) 22:55

Woof ! ...

I am now on official dog sitting duty ...

The hound is settling in and behaving himself. Even allowed me to nip out, and attend our 'end of season team meeting' at Amfiliki last night.

We had a meze, and some fantastic fish, but they were devoured before, I could get a photo.Here is the Barbounia, which 'landed' at my end of the table ...

Afterwards, it was 'let's go to Totem' however, as I have 'new responsibilities' two of us went to Freggio, for ice cream, I bought my colleague, the 'chocolate with cherries' as she was almost hyperventilating just looking at the display.

She said afterwards 'I had made her dreams come true' hows that for a compliment! 'cough cough' 😳 ...

If only I had known, that ice cream was the way to go, years ago. Out on the town, two nights running, I can't keep up with it 🍸 ...

Late News

Latest score from the fly swat Skiathian 11 - Wasps 0 ...
At the same moment, boom goes the dynamite, in honour of this achievement 
(1st Wasp despatched since 27th August)

Later News - A recount ...

Latest score from the fly swat Skiathian 12 - Wasps 0 ...

(1st Wasp despatched since around 10am, Left handed square cut, wafted outside the off stump)

Previous Blog: Meeting with our Ambassador in Greece ...


  1. Dear sir, your blog, is always entertaining and an Invaluable source of information, especially for visitors to Alonisos , since the sad passing, of Gerry and Dave , coupled with the present situation, your doing a commendable ser service. Thanks from Patitiri

    1. Thank you island friend, feedback like yours is great to hear, and much appreciated ...

  2. Love reading this.keep up great work


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