Monday, 30 September 2019

Mad Dog Sunday and repatriation flights ...

After the fun and games last night ...

The departure to Manchester was canceled (See yesterdays 'live' blog)

Passengers were shipped off to the Alkyon Panorama and Myrtia, for an overnighter, as the Skiathos Palace could not take them all. Good to see the 'Room rate action' being spread around affected businesses after the TC collapse ...


Flew in yesterday and upset the local restaurant owner's with expensive wine glasses.
When it took off - Sorry 'Blasted off' over the harbour, the crystal glass in town, went ping, along with a few ornaments, and trinkets ending up on the floor in pieces.

Claims can be made via the CAA website from today ...

Video of MAD DOG climbing out, like a rocket towards Athens.

Quote of the day: 'Ok.... just listened to that take off sound through my home cinema sound system...
I strongly believe that this is the best take off sound (on a video) I have ever heard in my entire life so far'!

Todays flights ...

Its another Ryanair RYR85 to pick up the Mancunians from last night. Its due in at 10:30am from Palma de Mallorca - That will be another first for the airport as well ...

Date 29 September
Flight code RYR/FR956
Departure airport Skiathos (JSI) via Thessaloniki
Arrival airport Manchester (MAN)
Departure time (local) 10:45
Arrival time (local) 13:55

Update - EI-GXI diverted en route from Skiathos>Thessaloniki>Manchester due to medical emergency, currently at Frankfurt Hahn ... (15:30UK/17:30GR)

-----//----- -----//----- -----//-----

Another flight coming to pick up the Mancunians left here from Fridays flight
Date 30 September
Flight code ELB3112
Departure airport Skiathos (JSI) via Thessaloniki
Arrival airport Manchester (MAN)
Departure time (local) 15:50
Arrival time (local) 18:45
-----//----- -----//----- -----//-----

Date 30 September
Flight code RYR/FR527
Departure airport Skiathos (JSI) via Thessaloniki
Arrival airport London Stansted (STN)
Departure time (local) 19:00
Arrival time (local) 22:30

This flight was switched to Manchester, carrying a number of people who thought they were going to Gatwick ...

We believe 1000 TC customers are still to depart after today ...

We read some great posts on the forums, last night starting with 'I have it on good authority' about what's happening next. Top tip - Stay off the wine before flying a keyboard ...

Previous Blog: Super Saturday and the repatriation flights ...


  1. Hey, please show us the Video of mad dog 83. I am courious

    1. Well you have seen it and ...

    2. Thanks so much, i am so sad that I didnt see it live. Those things never happen when i am at the airport, i spend almost my entire holidays at the airport. Maybe i am lucky next year.

      I hope some other airlines will fly to JSI to compensate TC and Adria Airways.

  2. The CAA are issuing a simplified, online claims form on the 7th October. They state that this is the only form you can use to obtain your refund... waiting Patiently😴

  3. Yes waiting another week, then 60 days for claims to be processed..
    Personally I don't mind. I think it is more important too get the people back home.

    1. Its well organised, they will get home.

      Its just the folks whining on about it, who are here, when there are people like yourself who should be here, who have lost their holiday ...


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