Monday, 30 April 2018

Holel Elevi (Xenia) update ...

Time to start calling it the Hotel Elivi ...

Thanks to 'Steve in Skiathos' and 'Skiathos Island News' for very kindly, allowing us to share the following final update, and photos of the ongoing works ...

Steve has been out and about, with the camera, once again, and yesterday had a peek behind closed doors ...

We had a final look round today ahead of the new season to check the access to the two banana beaches. 

There is currently no sign of any form of gates/barriers to prevent anyone from wandering through the new development to gain access to big banana beach. 

There is a new road towards the beaches that runs up alongside the old Village Taverna; opening this year as a pizza restaurant (photo A). At the top of the road turn right and follow the new road (photo B) to where it forks 3 ways (photo C). Track 1 leads down through the new development to big banana beach. Follow track 2 for 50 metres and – at the moment – there is a small path down to the left which takes you to the old track to small banana (photo D). Track 3 will eventually take you to small banana but it is a very long and steep route so don’t bother. 

There is no longer a bar or watersports on big banana but the new development has a large cafe area set just back from the beach. It seems too big for the number of properties in the new development so maybe it will be open to the public.

As for access to small banana, there are 4 options:

1. Walk through the development to big banana via track 1and go round the rocks – still an easy climb today.

2. Follow track 2 for 50 metres and down the path to the left.

3. Turn down beside the Golden Beach Hotel and head towards Aghia Eleni beach. Before the road on the right which has a dead end sign, there is a path to the left. 

Head up until the path forks (photo E) and take the left track (the right one leads Aghia Eleni beach). 

The path levels out with great views of the lake at Koukounaries. Further along it becomes narrow and loose underfoot for a while (take care!) until you reach the top where, turning right (photo F) will take you down to small banana.

4. Go to Aghia Eleni and head to the far left of the beach where there is a path over the rocks to small banana (a bit tricky in places).

We have been told that a decision as to whether Bananistas will reopen will be made in about 10 days but, looking at the state of it, it will be a surprise if it does. However, should access through the development be restricted in future, there is a steep concrete track that leads to Bananistas which would provide access to big banana (hell of a climb back up so hopefully it will not be needed!).
If things change we will let everyone know.
Hope this all makes sense! Happy holidays!

To read more about the Hotel Elivi, which opens on June 1st, see the Daily Telegraph travel section article, click the link here ...

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  1. Thanks Steve for your help in this problem which will affect many people.Do you know if one can drive up new tarmac road past the Village Restaurant and park at the top, before walking down to Small Banana which leads to the back of Nick's taverna? Or will one have to park at the bottom of the road?
    Another thought is that will one be able to drive up the old road and park at the top before walking down, where the old gate used to be and walk down to the right of where the new houses are being built as we did last year?
    Thank you for your help, which has encourage my wife and I very much.

  2. as an avid reader of your day to day news of this beautiful island I wish to express my thanks for your informative updates on the comings and going of The Banana beaches. As a frequent visitor to Little Banana, I can only normally second guess to its future by relying on comments on facebook, public and private pages Boomerangers ect.
    So when your local, on the ground information filters back to the UK it is greatly appreciated We are back in July and hope the beach has not changed it character too much .

    1. Hi Colin
      Good to hear from you. Apologies for the late response - Blogger just reinstated comments this evening after the the GDPR rules. Just working my way through interesting posts from India !

      I understand the Banana Wasps, are wreaking havoc with the new guests who dare not venture far with food. Revenge is sweet? ...


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