Friday, 23 March 2018

Beach cleaning 2018 ...

It's that time again ...

'All hands on deck' it's the 13th annual voluntary clean up of the beaches, which starts on Monday.

Teo Tzoumas, and the Skiathos cultural association are once again organising the event.

After yesterday's stormy weather, the Northern beaches are going to be in quite a state for sure.

Should be more than enough driftwood/firewood, to keep the island going for quite some time if you can beat the beach clean team to it ...

Monday 26th March - Hidden Beach and Mandraki 9am
Wednesday 28th March - Tsougria leaving the port at 9.30am on the Kalypso with Captain Lambros
Thursday 29th March - Elias and Agistros - 9am at Agistros
Friday 30th March - Apos Panteleimon leaving the acropolis car park at 9.00 (a little treat will be offered)
Sunday 1st April - Kastro 9.30am

If you are able and willing to come along and lend a hand, Stuart and Marianne will make sure you are made very welcome ...

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