Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Skiathos Olive press ...

Has closed and will not reopen ...

So if you want your Olives pressed in what is a a great Olive year - Then off to Skopelos or Pelion you must go.

The oil mill in Skopelos' near Glossa offers a good solution, since the distance is small and the transportation costs are minimal.

The "Antoniou" mill will start operating on 20 October, and will accept the olive growers of Skiathos daily and according to the ferry schedules.  For those who do not have a means of transport, the mill will take them over at its own expense, and transport the olives and olive oil.

In order to make it easier for all, it is suggested that its advisable for olive growers to consult each other with a view to joint press. The olives will be salted on the same day and the price / kilogram of olive oil will be: 7 lepta. Or with the transport costs from the olive oil producer 9 lepta with the cost of transporting olive oil and olive oil from the mill.

Information: 2424033517 | 6974325004 | 6972224445

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