Friday, 6 October 2017

The curtains are drawing ...

On the season for the Brits ...

The Germans and Norwegians are hanging on for another week or so whilst the shutters go down, and the winter village (the real Skiathos) reappears from the much loved fake summer one .

As the 'locals that are not local' slam the shutters, and flee to the mainland after the last night parties. The Ferry flights arrive today from Amsterdam, East Midlands Gatwick Manchester, Newcastle and Stansted to take the bronzed ones home.

The Stansted one is getting a few miles in, starting out as

  1. Thomas Cook Airlines MT 106 London to Antalya
    Scheduled departure 06:30 Scheduled arrival 12:24
  2. Thomas Cook Airlines MT 107 Antalya to Skiathos
    Scheduled departure 13:30 Scheduled arrival 15:15
  3. Thomas Cook Airlines MT 1078 Skiathos to Stansted
    Scheduled departure 16:05 Scheduled arrival 17:50

So if you were bumped off the Stansted>Skiathos, well now you know why ...

It will be a rather quieter island this evening, and if you are down the island, rather a lonely one.
There are the Scandinavian flights tomorrow, followed by two more UK flights on Sunday

Enjoy those beautiful beaches back in their natural state, if only they were not littered with cigarette waste ...

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