Sunday, 6 August 2017

Lucifer ...

Interesting name for a heatwave ...

Yesterdays official high was 35.8 °C at the weather station in town ...

Those with thermometers from jumbo, managed to record 10 degrees hotter than that. Still the temperature at 08:30 is a very impressive 30.2 °C

Sunrise 6th August 2017
Photo: Nick Yerasimos, Swell Beach Bar
The heat is increasing on the streets, and beaches. Clearly its fried a few folks brain cells as they are saying Skiathos resembles Benidorm.

Now you will have to help me here, as I have never been there, but know people who have and love it. Has the island changed to this overnight?

Apparently one of the best beaches Mandraki resembles this ?

Apparently the beach at Nostos resembles Faliraki, well I have been there. To be honest, I cant see the likeness either. But when i did, albeit years ago, had a great time.

The bottom line to me, is that its August, Europe is on holiday and having fun in the sun. That includes young people who want to enjoy themselves. The folks on Nostos are having a ball, with like minded people and age groups.

They are utilising the services of the taverna, and - spending cash on drinks and bottles of Greek champagne. Apparently you have to buy food from the taverna, if you use the beds. Seems quite reasonable to me, if you were a few weeks ago 'feeling sorry for the licence holders, only having a few weeks to make their money' ...

Well €8 for a brolly and two sunbeds, will not keep the wolf away from the door, this winter.

Other beaches are setting up different types of loungers, like double beds. They are doing that for a reason, there is a market for it. They have a few weeks to make their seasons money. If you think a rusty metal frame stringy elastic sunbed will return, go to the GP immediately - It is not going to happen ...

Earlier the Brits were likened to being 'the oldests swans' of the tourists. Which in essence is true, but if you visit in August you have to go with the flow, that includes young people arriving from the mainland, its happened every August and will continue to do so. Expect cramped and overcrowded busses, mossies, wasps, short tempers, traffic end to end on the island, less than silver service, and all the changes to the island that have happened since you were last there.

That's the way it is at least for another ten days ...

Many of the swans are saying they will not be coming back, too many changes. Well there will be others to take your place, that is the way of the world.

Its called Crazy August for a reason, and if you are complaining there are too many tourists, its because, you too are one of them ...

So enjoy returning to Benidorm, let us know how you get on. Its very warm there too at the moment, thanks to Lucifer ...

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Later update:

Lucifer peaked today on Skiathos at 37.2 °C at 15:50
Benidorm was slightly cooler at 33.2 °C at 16:10 ...


  1. May and September...... lovely, end of story, but don't tell anyone :-)

  2. I can't disagree with anything in your post. Apart perhaps from the implication that it's wrong to note change, and to note one's disappointment when it's for the worse (from one's own point of view).

    Many people like Skíathos for the peace. Club 18-30 exists elsewhere. If people return and find the peaceful island fast disappearing, and their holiday less enjoyable, then we should expect complaints, even if that change is inevitable.

    My opinion.

    1. Skiathos is not an 18/30 island, as such. But is to the Greek market, one of their top travel companies markets it that way. It has always been popular over the years with the young Italians and Greeks. The Greeks from the mainland have been in short supply over the last couple of years but are back.

      The Brits often speak of it as 'their island' but if you have been coming twice a year June and September then you are distanced from reality, in peak season.

      But we cant blame the locals exploiting their resources on what is a tourist island. Let alone 'as a tourist' look down on others who are enjoying themselves.

      I remember the foam parties and bungee at Vromoliminos, that and grumbling silver haired - Daily Mail and Mirror reading Brits on my first trip ... :)

  3. Skiathos will never be like Benidorm Ian. Beaches may be packed, but I've never seen a Tom Jones or Elvis looky likey perform in Skiathos Town!😎

    1. You are my expert for all things Benidorm (Doffs Flat Cap) ...