Thursday, 10 August 2017

Extend the season ...

From the Taxydromos newspaper

'Tourists come to the islands of the Northern Sporades, which are at the peak of the season, with plumes reaching 100% in Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos.

The island of Papadiamantis is full of calamity, while  Alekos Efstathiou, chairman of Skiathos Hoteliers Association, tells  TACHYDROMOS that the island is overloaded since July 20th and is expected to maintain until the end of August the same picture. He states that the image of arrivals is more satisfactory than last year, adding that "we are trying to lengthen the season until the second week of October, with additional flights from England".

The Greeks are so reluctant so far, compared to at least the image that existed in the past, while the presence of the young friends of the island, who mainly opt for the weekend breaks, is more intense. As Mrs. Efstathiou underlines, the island has benefited a lot from the island, as many young people from Northern Greece make a holiday on the island, but there is limited consumption in the restaurants. It is generally accepted that the economic potential for the overwhelming majority of consumers is limited, resulting in less turnover in the focus, even at the peak of the tourist season.

At the same time, Skopelos, the owner of the Skopelos Hotels Association, said that the occupation is at the highest level of occupancy, as the Municipality of Skiathos, Mary Diamanti, points to 100% of the island's tourist attraction. She also stresses that it is very important that events take place in every area of ​​Skopelos, raising the tourist interest and the traffic. The hotel chairman also underlined the remarkable momentum of the season, which as they all appear, will continue until the beginning of autumn, while Greek tourists on the island are becoming more and more intense.

Satisfied at the same time, for the tourist image of Alonissos, the mayor of the island, Petros Vafinis, who stresses that the occupation is approaching 100%, there is a lot of people on the island from Thessaloniki and other areas, along with the foreign tourists of the summer season . The world, however, is "numb", as he notes, referring to the limited economic potential of most visitors. Consumption is limited, as the island's professionals say at the same time that the move is satisfactory, but the money spent by tourists is much less compared to earlier times and especially to the pre-crisis times'

Additional flights from England ? Not Italy or our Scandinavian friends? or the Balklan countries where they have been seeking new markets, with tourists who turn studios into restaurants?

If they want the 'Swans' then they need to treat them well, Flights and packages are extortionate, compared to the other places in Greece, that stay open until the end of October. Corfu Rhodes etc.

If the seats are cheaper you get more custom, and they have more money to spend - on the island. Thats the idea isn't it ? ...

Will there be any sunbeds for the tourists to use, or are they just for part of June, July, August, and most of September ?

In addition, they better make sure the mainlanders, with businesses, don't leave at the end of September. Its bad enough everyone has the mistaken belief, the islanders put padlocks on the island then as it is ...

Its no good 'treating your best customer mean, and expecting them to remain keen' when you feel like it ...


  1. We used to the last uk flight off the island sometimes in October we saw you at the end of the runway one year photographing the last aircraft. Thomas Cook have move the last holiday earlier and earlier.

    1. You took the photo of me, as I recall - camera in hand watching your departure from the rock ...

  2. Been 10 times now and must say that many of the beaches are losing their charm a trifle due to parasols and loungers with a lack of sand. It is an island of beaches and Tavernas but with costs for a package rising every year and the exchange rate it means that you think that although the place is in your soul, is it now worth it.

    1. Fair point, but cant help thinking they are letting the monopoly tourist companies dictate the terms. Its time a carrier takes on the big three. Surely getting people there and utilising local businesses, rooms, tavernas is what its about. Rather than those who bring everything in the car, and sit in their room/balcony with a disposable BBQ?

  3. That has been stated for years now. Chrissa and Marilena who own premises have all stated that and I agree. However, the majority of premise owners would like to have 30 euro a day so to be viable as a visitor you would need a return flight for no more than 200 and ,who would offer that? It is a conundrum! The Thomsons squeeze the premise owners and with freedom, they would raise their prices.

    1. In the good old days Kosmar/Excel evacuated the last two plane loads around 18th October. Next year TUI are removing the holidaymakers 28/9 and in the case for LGW 21/9 ...

  4. What you are saying is that the season is too short. Tempting to go in Sept/Oct but, would the staff of the hotels and Tavernas still be there? Just as holidaymakers depart so do the waiters, chefs and cleaners etc.. You could argue that holidays are too cheap as the tourist who goes now is err.. not as wealthy as you wuld preferre. Skiathos was a perfect omellette but now many factors are beginning to change the mix!

  5. September is fine, October the shutters go up. I was there when Olympic sent a plane load of Mancunians, but did not contract the hotels. Imagine turning up to locked hotels in Koukounaries and Troulos at the end of the season. They shipped them all to the Roula at AP and fled.
    TUI say they want to extend the season, but send a cruise liner long after their folks have been shipped out. Double standards.
    Spending power is dimished, for all nations, not just the Brits. As far as the locals go, tomorrow is the end of the season.
    For a decent omlette, you need good eggs ...