Sunday, 16 July 2017

Batten down the hatches ...

Bad Weather imminent ...

Extreme bad weather expected with a rapid deterioration, in the weather from this afternoon (Sunday 16th July).

The Hellenic Metreological Service has issued a Red warning for affected areas and especially the Sporades islands.

Hellenic Metreological Service warning (In Greek)

'Take precautionary measure, be vigilant and act according to the advice of the competent authorities. Get the weather forecasts and expect a significant impact on your daily activities'

Expect violent storms from tonight (Sunday 16th July). with high winds, waterspouts over the sea, and probability of local flooding, through Monday and into Tuesday ...

Not good news, but if you are on the island, best to take care, stay indoors, and stay safe until it passes ...

Information supplied and circulated by Axilleas Sotiropoulos local amateur weather forecaster

(A) Overall Rating: 
Change will present the weather from Sunday 16/07 to Tuesday 18/07 because of the cold air cut off from the general circulation which transports cold air masses which combined with high sea temperatures create tremendous instability that will be converted into strong storms accompanied by gusty winds, temperature drop and extremely large rainfall in many parts of Greece and mainly regions of eastern Thessaly, South Chalkida Treaty, Sporades Port Plan and Evia.

(B) Local Assessment: 
With chance of precipitation Sunday 16/07 and strengthening winds will begin changes in the weather on the island of Papadiamantis (Skiathos) which will continue without potential effects on the rest of the day but with rapid deterioration due to instability by the evening hours (after 02:00) which has as its main characteristic northern direction winds, which would bring down the temperature of almost 12 degrees and the extremely large rainfall 

Monday 17/07 with Thunderstorms until the morning Tuesday 18.07. Take care from noon Monday until late in the evening of the same day, due to the extreme nature of the expected event. Great potential also exists for waterspouts in the wider maritime region of Sporades. 

If the predictive models become reality, the weather change translates into a violent summer storm then attention to people and property, because of possible flooding, especially in the affected area.

The official information is always carried out by NMS and Civil Protection emergency bulletins that citizens should take note of ...


  1. Just as well we are going home today then ;)

    1. You escaped just in time, Hope you had a great holiday ...

  2. Hope for the best - for the local citizens, the turism and the whole island. Love from folowers from Norway

    1. I am sure the islanders appreciate your good wishes my friends ...

  3. Hope the best for you all and the whole island and the storm wil pass without too much damage.

    1. So far so good, but the warnings remain in place for today. Plenty of weather around that could yet affect the islands.

  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hope everyone is safe.

    1. OK so far the mainland copped it big style as the system passed south.

      Plenty of comments about Damp squib etc by the folks on holiday, but if it had hit the island badly overnight,it would be a very different story.

      The tour ops moved people out of accomodation, in areas which were liable to flood, good planning by them.

      Sill plenty of bad weather around, for quite a few hours to come.


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