Thursday, 29 June 2017

Urgent message from the Dog Shelter ...

Just as the heatwave over northern Europe has cooled this week, temperatures in Skiathos have been steadily rising, and are set to continue going up, with predictions of anything up to 43c! This is great for all our wonderful visitors, but is a real problem for the dogs living at the Shelter.

We are absolutely desperate for more Royal Canin Rehydration Support Powder, which we add to our dogs' water bowls to avoid dehydration and to replace lost fluids.

Unfortunately, we cannot add this to our Amazon Wish List as it can't be posted direct to Skiathos, but if you could buy it in the UK or Denmark, and then post it out to us yourself, we would be very, very grateful.

It is available online at a number of sites, including:
Animed Direct
Pets at Home

If you are able to buy any for us, please post direct to the Shelter at the following address:

Lee Thornton
PO Box 310
TK 37002

Thank you so much for your support, we wouldn't ask if the need was not urgent. If you are unable to send any, a donation would always be welcome! Donations can be made via PayPal at

Hot Hot Hot ...

Todays high was 33.2 °C recorded at 13:43 at the weather station in town ...

Memories ...

Five years ago today, i was camped out in a cafe in Volos.

I was in Volos for all the wrong reasons. SWMBO was in Volos hospital having major surgery, This time to remove a tumour. This was the start of the journey many of you read about ...

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