Sunday, 11 June 2017

Late News ...

Today marks six months without drinking a drop of alcohol or any kind of wine!

Six months of eating seven fruit and veg a day, drinking 10 glasses of water, no carbs and no red meat, with lots of 8 hr sleeps.

The change in my body has been fantastic! I feel great, I lost weight and my way of thinking is very positive! I'm looking to keep this up because I choose to! No alcohol, eat only healthy foods, get lots of sleep and above all, an hour of exercise every day!

God knows whose status this is, but I was so happy for them, I copied their good news while I'm eating a pizza ...

Thunder and Lightning

Seems during the earlier storm, the lightning made a technical adjustment to the electrical supply of one of the Halkia (Χαλκιά) hardware shop on the ring road. Hopefully the electrical company can put it all back together again by 7.30am tomorrow ...

Soon be July, it will stop raining and return to heat again ...

UK Election

Still enjoying the news, which is like a record with a scratch.


  1. Did the pizza have one of your five a day on it ;)

    1. Apparently 11% of teenagers think that fruit pastels count as one of your five-a-day - What about Opal Fruits or whatever they call them now?

  2. My you had me worried 😩 for a moment. 😂 😂 😂

  3. They asked one of the kids where tomatoes come from, and he said the shop! 😀 Full marks to him, a likely future Prime Minister in the making!

    1. Stupid boy! Everybody knows tomatoes are driesdand molded ketchup!