Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Summer is loading: Thoughts and Prayers ...

For a very nice man, and his family from Aghia Pareskevi, who made all us 'xenos' welcome - Καλό ταξίδι Βαγγέλης Σκέψεις και προσευχές είναι με τη Σόφια και την Οικογένεια σε αυτή τη θλιβερή εποχή ...

Gemitsa anyone ?

The first UK flight the 'reps special and knotted hankie express' arrives from Manchester at 11:45am. Its Final Boarding - So hurry up, In case you have not noticed Doris the Purser has a cob on. She used to be a rep in Faliraki and was on 'Greece uncovered' the goldfish bowl episode, but no one has recognised her since she gained her wings and added a couple of kilos ...

Do read the Skiathos Dog shelter newsletter.
Its on the pages link over there >>>--->>

Stand by for a tipsy Bolton voice saying 'Don't you understand English' and 'Where is the bar that does Kar-he-hoke' a little later this evening ...

Hot topics:

Frog Bar - 12 (Who cares its now a Gyros)
Its getting too busy - 7 (If so why all the cheap offers at the moment)
Karoke - 6 (The fifth and now sixth horseman of the Apocalypse)
Naturism - 13 (Not on my Banana)
Scary Runway - 127 (How do they sleep at night or cross the road)
Terrorism threat caused by new flight - 2 (Oh dear)
Whats the weather like on ##/## - 3 (Always raining)

Still time for a quick visit to Primani, for those last minute essentials ...

Later Update:

The first UK flight is 'Welcomed to Skiathos' this morning ...

Steve in Skiathos and Skiathos Island News said 'The first UK flight arrived (early) amid much fanfare. A nice welcome given by the new airport operators with 2 fire trucks spraying an arch over the plane as it taxied in. (You could almost hear the screams of the passengers thinking that they were on fire!). The local authority were giving out gift bags, Skiathos Life were doing interviews and the smart new security staff were everywhere. The WiFi works great (WiFi Hotspot is the name of the connection you need). All going so well then 50 minutes to get all the cases off........not everything has changed'!

Just 2 days away from the start of #summer_2017


  1. Love yemista!
    I have a recipe for stuff pepper soup. Tastes just like the yemista and I can cook it in the slow cooker
    It's very very delish!

    1. Sounds like a recipe for leftovers, or as my mother said 'Make do and mend' Monday night suppers :)

  2. Love it! Very entertaining Ian!😀 Can't wait to set foot on the rock and have a Gyros at the old Frog bar! Might even have to frequent a Karaoke bar this year! As for Banana, well, when in Rome (or Skiathos), we'll have to see!😉

    1. If I find out you have crossed the party line :) The sound of someone warbling and calling it entertainment fills me with dread. I will stick with Nassos or Groom Therapy for some local entertainment ...

  3. I must see Groom Therapy, I've heard good things about them. I'll keep my ears peeled!😀

    1. Vangelis is going to send me details 'in due course' Nassos is good too ...

  4. Hate Karoke what a waste of time and space, but love the image of the water salute.