Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Skiathos Palace Cup 2017 ...

Koukounaries bay in Skiathos will host for the second time the Skiathos Palace Cup sailing race, during the weekend of May 19th-21st.

The race is organized by Piraeus Sailing Club and Nautical Club of Skiathos, under the auspices of Skiathos Municipality, with the support of the Cultural Association “Skiathos” and the Skiathos Palace hotel.

Skiathos is again embracing the organization and proves that apart from a top tourist destination, is also a unique place for sailing and yachting. This year’s expectations appear to be higher, elevating the experience for participants, defining Skiathos Palace Cup as an important yearly sailing event.

Match Racing is the format chosen for the Skiathos Palace Cup, which is the one used at America’s Cup race. Matches are short and intense, and the view is stunning. Teams participating at a Match Racing event enter a round robin process and compete against all other teams.

Another reason for being appealing is that Match races are conducted near the shoreline and the audience can watch the action closely.

For the 2017 organization, Skiathos Palace hotel facilities will be the perfect location to successfully host the event.

Aristea Derveni, CEO of “Plefsi” magazine, is the person who had the original vision of starting a yearly sailing event in Skiathos, and the one responsible for the successful results of the previous event.

“Plefsi” magazine is sponsoring the cup, which last year was awarded to the Kontogiannopoulou team. Who will be this year’s winner? The countdown has already started…

Later news:

First serious motorbike accident of the season being reported ...

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