Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Koukounaries area ...

Koukounaries beach concession - update

The municipality will receive 551.000 euros from the licence holders at Koukounaries for each year for the next 5 years

At the auction, held on Sunday 21st May - this year the prices soared through the roof as the concessions rose up to 105.000 euros! In addition the municipality decided to dismantle the newsstands ...

The sunbeds were being set out yesterday, good luck to the owners, lets hope they can make a decent profitfrom it ...

Other island beaches concession - No update on the date for their auctions as yet.

Hotel Xenia Latest photos (Not to be confused with Banana) ...

It seems the large Koukanaries car park is going to be part of the new Xenia hotel complex. Where all the cars are going to park when the accomodation is built ?


Keep a brolly close to hand ...

Later Update (18:10hrs):

Thundertorms nearby with an impressive array of lightning strikes ...

Yesterdays blog: Thoughts ...


  1. Is my favourite beach bar Elias open yet ?
    Rachel Reeb
    West Kirby

    1. I read a report that it was open about a week ago with a limited menu. So should be fully operational by now, Don't forget to have the chips with a liberal sprinkling of rigani (Oregano) ...

    2. Thank you Skiathos Blog
      Landed this afternoon & cant wait to get back there.

  2. It's great to see the hotel being brought back to life again after so many years derelict, but why do the need all that car park space?
    Skiathos is slowly being raped by developers just like my home island of Guernsey is. Money is king and stuff the rest. Sad

    1. Probably theirs when it was the old Xenia. Like the Olive grove at Banana its been used just because it was there, and available. All land belongs to someone ...