Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Gone for a swim ...

Wonder if the trawlers will be out today ...

A 28-year-old Hellenic Air Force pilot sustained minor injuries Monday after ejecting from a Mirage 2000 fighter jet south of the Sporades islands group, but the incident brought to the fore the issue of old and malfunctioning aircraft currently in use.

According to most initial assessments by experienced military officials, the Mirage crashed because of a malfunctioning engine which the pilot was unable to restart. The 28-year-old pilot was in a military hospital Monday with a dislocated shoulder, which he sustained while ejecting from the aircraft.

He had taken off from Tanagra Air Base, north of Athens, in the morning on a routine training exercise, but was forced to abandon the Mirage at around 12.25 p.m. after the engine stopped working. He was picked up by a Super Puma rescue helicopter.

Monday’s crash is the latest in a string of such incidents that have revived fears about the reliability of Greece’s military aircraft. Just over a month ago, four officers were killed when a Huey helicopter crashed.

The UH-1H helicopter went down near the village of Sarantaporo in Elassona, central Greece, during a routine patrol flight. Initially Greek military officials indicated that the UH-1H in question had not had any mechanical problems but an investigation into the cause of the crash remains ongoing.

Last November the fuel tank of an F-16 fighter jet that was preparing to take off from Hania airport on the island of Crete burst into flames, while two months earlier an Apache helicopter crash landed during exercises off the coast of Halkidiki in central Macedonia, northern Greece.

Apparently this was south of Skopelos, Catch this in the net, and you can buy a new boat with the salvage. On Sunday low clouds stopped aircraft from landing at Skiathos for a short time. Now its sunny they are dropping out of the sky.

Do hope he pressed engine restart, and not eject in error, or bang goes that career with Aegean.

Fancy being on a boat watching for Dolphins, and you hear the imortal words, 'Honey I have just seen a mirage' - 'Dont be ridiculous, its warm, but not that warm' the reply ...

Source: /www.ekathimerini.com

Later update:

They fished it out ...

There is a very excited report of how the aircraft landed on the water without the pilot, and skimmed for several hundred yards. Then floated away towards Evia ...

The aircraft touched the surface and covering several hundred meters above the surface, stopped without sinking ... and began to sail in a development aircraft accident is a global phenomenon!

Currently the currents drifted the aircraft at a distance of 12 miles from where they fell and has approached the shore a mile from Sarakiniko beach Kimi Evia! 

If you want to read more go to:  http://www.olathessaloniki.com/ 

The reporter should be back from school shortly ...

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