Monday, 6 March 2017

Tsougria in his sights ? ...

Extract from an article on Ivan Savvides - Entrapaneur and property investor

Rapidly, Ivan Savvides, which has already invested large sums in northern Greece, south stretching out business plans. Showing clearly that it is here to stay in the Greek business, the PAOK president has turned long in the real estate sector, which, admittedly, the economic crisis has significant opportunities. As the "PARAPOLITIKA" reveal today, the next targets of the operator included Skiathos, which appears determined to acquire large stretches of land. Enchanted himself by the beauty of the Sporades island that has visited repeatedly in the past, has instructed his associates to identify opportunities for investment.

 Already have "sounded out" the Tsougria, located opposite the port of Papadiamantis and looks like paradise. 

Until now it has occurred many times buying interest on this island by powerful businessmen, but any attempts were unsuccessful, mainly due to the complexity of the ownership. Administratively, the island belongs to the Municipality of Skiathos, while appearing as owners of the Annunciation Monastery Skiathos and two business families, the Epifaneiadi family and the Fix family. 

The Tsougria is covered by dense vegetation, especially pine trees, and emerald beaches attract tourists during the summer months. Its area is 1.14 square kilometers and guests to reach with tourist boats from the port of Skiathos or to the tenter of the yachts that fill the summer the area. 

Ivan Savvides and colleagues, they asked and learned everything about the island, left the window open for the future, in order to resume discussions. However, the operator has given clear guidance for staff to identify other plots in Skiathos and inform him about the ways of utilization. On the island, according to local factors, sold currently land-fillets close to popular beaches, where they could create boutique hotels or large hotels, depending on the financial standing of the investor.


Ivan Savvides decided to launch its investments in Skiathos from the construction heliport to come and go without problems with a private helicopter. Already have identified the place in an area close to the airport, and will soon begin work on the construction of the heliport, which will pave the way for accurately ... airstrip, the entrepreneur for more frequent visits to the Sporades. Besides, the visit to Skiathos in the summer of 2015, when, in the absence heliport, the private helicopter landed on a public road, had revealed then "P", publishing and related photographic documents. The landing caused many discussions to residents, who rushed to 'sing' to pilots and to settle that 'it can not happen again. " Since then much water flowed to the mill of the business of Mr. Savvides, who has decided to extend the Sporades, combining business and holidays. Fond of the island is, after all, and his son, who also has visited the beautiful beaches of the past.

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