Monday, 13 March 2017

Returners? ...

It was the 'Boomerang club' in old money ...

Seems the Sunday Times have caught on too ...

Photo: Barbara Entwhistle
& Odysseas Chrysostomidis

Can't have the Sunday times readers turning up surely. Now British Airways passengers and woe betide, as one correspondent said the other day 'The cruise mob' in 2018 (Never mind the eighteen boats that visited in 2016)

NIMS ...

Here are some liners from the Skiathian's back catalogue, that you may have missed ...

Aegean Odyssey
July 2012 Link;
April 2013 Link:
April 2013 Link:
Sept 2013 Link:
The World
(This one even stopped off on its way round the world)


Azmara Quest ...
Then there were the Clippers ...

Star Clipper
24th June 2015

Link 2013
Link 2014:
Australians, Americans, Canadians, buying postcards, sitting in the cafe's, and tavernas and tramping round town, photographing cats, when we are all on the beach.

NIMS ...

I thought cruise passengers were discerning travelers, at least the ones I know are ...

Q: What is the island coming to?
A: Skiathos has something for everyone ...

Late News: The Scotswoman calls for a second, once in a lifetime, referendum. Bit of an over reaction to a game of Rugby ?

 They still will not get a direct flight ...


  1. Hi Ian.
    Oh dear. Age is making me selfish.
    A "longer" runway, larger parking apron and now publicity.
    Average visits: twice yearly for 25 years I guess.
    It's always been a busy place in season.
    You could still find somewhere quiet to relax away from the more frenetic side of things.
    The businesses there will no doubt be happy with more bums on seats.
    As I said, I'm getting selfish, let's hope the place doesn't get absolutely ruined.

    1. Hi Pete
      There is a lot of it about :) Remember the Golden rule 'Skiathos has something for everyone'...

  2. HaHa How did he miss them Skiathos blinkers