Sunday, 5 March 2017

An unusual view ...

But a personal favourite ...

Skies have cleared, the blossom is out, spring flowers are reaching for some warmth. Faces are turning red in the spring time sunshine.

Coffee time, tsipouro time, or time to start painting ...


As a symbolic and meaningful solidarity movement to the Lake of Evia and its inhabitants, the cultural association 'Skiathos', offered 300 trees on burned forest area of the disastrous fire that struck the lake region in the summer of 2016, with a view to tightening the two cities' ties, whose relationships are long and have greatly influenced their modern history.

According to the relevant information, the Association for the action worked with the Forest Lake which indicated the selection of seedlings, which were planted Sunday, February 19, 2017, where the initiative of the Forest Service Lake Evia and in collaboration with institutions and associations in the region, held tree planting 600 seedlings and sowing on the east side of town, where the public forest has been destroyed by the great fire of last August, when more than 30,000 acres of pine forest burned, having approached dangerously Lake.

The 300 saplings Koutsoupias secured the club from Division Reforestation Attica taking and transferring them from Attica Lake.

The Association warmly thanked Mr Spyros Zigkiri Dasarchi Lake Evia and Mrs. Stella Seraphim, Head of Department of Management Nursery Reforestation Attica response and effective cooperation.

Relations between the two areas measuring more than 220 years, when in the late 18th century refugees who fled in waves from Lake refuge in Skiathos, establishing there their own "Limniotiki 'district, which until today is called" the lake "and they built the church Nativity of the Theotokos (Virgin lake), where the image of Our Lady Odigitria store which carried Skiathos refugees from Limni.


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