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Original Skiathos A- Z by Chelleb

Skiathos A-Z

This guide was compiled by a collection of Skiathophiles according to Tripadvisor. Actually it was started by Chelleb on the Skiathos Bulletin board. It was further updated by the members of the forum. But all credit goes to Michelle.

Airport When its time to come home your luggage will be collected form your hotel and left at the taverna at the airport. Collect your luggage check it in then go back to the taverna until you see your plane land (approx. 1hr before you take off) then make your way through passport control. Where else in the world can you do that! The duty free is small and there is not much air con inside the terminal.  They now have a tannoy enabling you to hear the passenger calls from the taverna.            

Buses Taking the bus is the easiest way to see the island. (If you want to beat the queue's from Koukounaries beach, just walk to the next bus stop and catch the bus heading back to the beach and stay on board).

Banks Open 8am till 2pm Monday to Friday.

Bars Loads of them. Note the cushion bars are expensive for shorts and cocktails so stick to the lager.

Beaches Always make your way to the uncrowded and unspoilt beaches i.e. Mandraki/Agistros.

Car hire Hiring a jeep is recommended to get high up in the mountains.

Churches in monasteries and churches, no shorts, bikinis or sleeveless shirts. Take your hat off when you enter a church and look for "No Photos" signs before you start shooting with your camera.

Cinema The Cinema is located off Papadiamantis Street and shows English speaking films with Greek subtitles. It is all open air.          

Credit cards All major Credit Cards as well as Euro-cheques are recognised and accepted in most hotels, shops, travel and car rental agencies and restaurants. Stickers in the front windows will advise you as to which cards are acceptable            

Days out Book your own trips direct from the boats in the harbour - much cheaper than booking through your rep you can sail round the island or go island hopping and who knows you may even get to see some Dolphins. The Athens trip is not recommended as you will be travelling for 10 hours and only get to spend 2 hours in Athens itself.

Dogs home Well worth a visit for adults and children. All the staff are unpaid and really appreciate your help whether you take a dog for a walk or make a donation.      

Electricity The standard in Greece is 220V AC (50Hz). Appliances from UK require an adapter            
Entertainment Look out for Bouzouki nights with traditional Greek dancing and plenty of wine……..

Feta Greek cheese, found every where. Its what makes a Greek salad. Do not eat late at night or you will have Feta Cheese Dreams !        

Food Eat where the locals eat - its as good a recommendation as you can get.

Gifts Leather goods and plentiful as are some good wines and herbs and spices to make that Greek salad or souvalaki when you get home.            

Greek salad Mmmmmmmmmm. Great as a starter to share or as a snack.

Health The health centre is located at the top of the town in the area known as the acropolis.   Remember to take your EHIC card with you, These cards replace the old E111 form and stands for European Health Insurance Card and you apply in the same way, ie a form from the post office.

Maps At the airport you should be able to get a map of Skiathos town and the island sometimes this is free other time you may have to pay for it . It is well worth it as it has all the bars and restaurant on it.            
Money You will find automatic cash machines in Skiathos Town.

Mopeds Most of the hire firms will do a special offer for you 13 days for the price of 10 etc            

Mobile phones Most Mobile Phones work in Skiathos,  you will find that Vodaphone, Orange,T-Mobile, Virgin and O2 work well on most of the Island. You cannot top up uk mobile in Greece so make sure you either have enough credit or are able to do it by phone.          

Mossies These will be the bane of your holiday, use a plug in mossiecutor and mossie repellent at night.            

Nightlife Most of the bars will stay open as long as there is someone in them buying drinks. Just remember that the staff have to sleep as well though!!            

Passports Your hotel will probably want to keep 1 passport per room for 24 hrs - don’t worry, this is perfectly normal as it is Greek law to do this.

Photos The island is beautiful grab the opportunity to take some great photos.

Restaurants Loads of them ranging from the cheap (gyros bars) to very expensive (Asprolithos, Windmill).  Always listen to find out what the house specials are for the evening meal. Don't order starters unless you are REALLY hungry, the main courses are generally HUGE!!!

Sailing One of the best things you can do while in Skiathos is to rent a boat for a few days or even for the whole week and explore the hidden beaches, not reachable by foot or car. You can find a boat from verified greek charter companies.

Shopping Leather goods, jewelery, glasswear, clothes, you can buy almost anything in Skiathos town. The larger supermarket esp. the one just out of town on the ring road are a lot cheaper that the smaller resort ones.

Swimming Pool You can use any pool you wish, but please buy your drinks from the bar whose pool you are using. Also there will be a crackdown next year on towels being deposited to save sunloungers when people then go off for the day, as happens a lot! Another tip, buy a LI-LO, you can use it if no sunbeds are available and when you go to the beach use it to lie on rather than pay 7 euros a day for a sunlounger!!!!

Taxis The Taxi rank is situated on the new harbour side of the town, you can't miss it. If you get a taxi into town hail one on the street that is going back to town, as, if you phone for one they will charge for coming out to pick you up and taking you back into town.

Torch Always take a powerful torch for those late evening returns.  Also for those constant power cuts.

Toilets Toilet paper goes in the bin and not down the loo as Greek plumbing is rubbish.

Vangellis If you see the old guy selling roses in town - be nice to him …

Water Drink bottled water, however you can brush your teeth in tap water.            

Wine Always drink the Taverna house wines, they are invariably excellent.            

Working hours Banks are open 8.00 until 14.00 Monday to Friday, Shops 8.00am till 22.00. Kiosks can be open 24hrs.

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