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Weather warning 04/01/2017 ...

From Severe Weather Greece ...

Temperature drop in Greece starting mainly from Friday. Polar temperatures will approach from the north. In many areas the frost will be total around the clock. Strong thunderstorms on the western coast of Greece, Eastern Aegean, parts of Crete and the Dodekanese from Thursday until early hours of Friday.

A lot of snow is expected especially in Evia, Sporades and the northern Cyclades and on the mid-highlands of Crete. Few snowshowers in Eastern Thessaly, central and eastern Sterea Ellada.

South-western winds up to 7-8 beaufort from Thusrday to Friday, turning northern from Friday afternoon up to 7 beaufort.

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Starting from tomorrow from west-term weather with showers and thunderstorms in the west, temporarily in the central, southern and southeastern parts of the country and snowfall in mountainous initially and gradually into the plains of central and northern country. The winds will blow from the west - southwest addresses 7-8 Beaufort. The temperature averaged at 15 degrees Celsius.

On Friday will begin a significant drop in temperature from the north with snowfall in the plains of central and northern country (transient phenomena in the north), thunderstorms mainly in Crete and the Dodecanese. Snowfall in central Greece, Euboea, East Central, eastern and northern Peloponnese will begin from late evening to f dawn Saturday to descend at zero altitude. The winds will blow westerly - southwesterly to the southeast parts of the country, and from the north - northwest addresses the remaining 6-7 Beaufort. In the northeastern Aegean will blow northeast 6-7 Beaufort voltage amplification of the night at 8 and possibly 9 Beaufort. The temperature in aisthitotati falling from north to south. In northern and central total frost.

Saturday will continue the snowfall in eastern Thessaly (dense), Euboea (dense), eastern and northern Peloponnese (patients and local) East Central (at times locally and moderate intensity) Cyclades (dense in the northern parts thereof ) and the hilly Crete and higher (dense). The winds in the Sea will blow from VDkes addresses 5-6 Beaufort. To the east from northern generally addresses 5-6 temporarily in the central Aegean to 7 Beaufort from Northeast addresses. The temperature at low levels with frost on the mainland. 

On Sunday in the west and north under local cloudy with chance of light snow in kentrovoreia parts of Epirus and western mainland as in Thrace and possibly eastern Macedonia. From the height of southern Halkidiki, eastern Thessaly, Evia, Cyclades and Crete under overcast with snowfalls locally strong in Evia, Sporades the Northern Cyclades and the hilly parts of Crete and more. 

On Monday in the western, northern, eastern and southeastern Aegean local cloud. In the rest of the height of Halkidiki and south, cloudy with locally heavy snowfall mainly in Evia and the Sporades. The temperature at very low levels with severe frost on the mainland, especially in the north where again it will be total and powerful. Winds from the north generally addresses will not overcome the 6 Beaufort Sea and the Ionian general 4-5 from northeast addresses.

On the afternoon of Tuesday shows the weather improved gradually from the north with some snowfall to persist in the east mainland. Rains in the Cyclades and Crete and to the west again from the afternoon onwards. The temperature gradually rose mainly on maximum values ​​with powerful but frost in central and northern mainland.

This outlook is issued mainly for the temperatures that will prevail in the country the next 5-day and may create problems for farmers.

Informed by public bodies for local forecasts and how to protect it, herds, tubes and solar and whatever else may be from frost damage. 

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