Thursday, 26 January 2017

Rain Rain Rain (2) ...

The apocalypse continues ...

Its been eleven days of it ...

The long grey cloud, did not lift enough for the Athens flight to journey up from Athens this morning,.

The hills of Skiathos have another dusting of snow.

Passengers are wondering whether to take the bus up the motorway, before the forecast snow closes it. Either that or camping back at the Holiday Inn ...

Decisions Decisions ...

Weather update from Nikos Paschalis

Skiathos 26-01-2017 12:00
Temperature: 3,0
Feeling cold :-0,3
Good morning to all
On the weather conditions in always have recreational approach:
Heavy rain at this time on our island which has been given to currently 25 mm of rain. Snowfall occurs in hilly island which has and will continue to appreciate for possible start of snow at lower elevations from afternoon hours with the advent of polar gas of mass from b-ba if maintained the increased precipitation the ΄΄doulépsei aigáio΄΄ it in conjunction with the reduced Intensity of air that would have led to be valuable phenomena.
Watching the cold disorder that will try to reach out from a-ba and will inform you in the event of significant change.

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