Monday, 9 January 2017

No Thaw ...

Welcome to all the new visitors to The Skiathian ...

The snow has returned ...

Storm Ariadne keeps on kissing the islands, and it may continue for a while. with more snow expected overnight.

This morning the council turned they attention to reopening transport links. The snowploughs were sent to clear the airport runway. The runway was washed with sea water to prevent it re-icing.

Photos; Skiathos Municipality
This allowed the Olympic flight to make its way up from Athens and islanders to return home, after its passengers having being stuck in Athens since Saturday.

More detail on the Skiathos Landings blog here

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Alonissos will be reconnected by the ferry boat Proteus, who's Captain and crew deserve credit for keeping the route to the Sporades islands open.

Proteus ferry schedule on the SkopelosNews site, click the link here
Hopefully the supplies will arrive if not the thaw. Islanders on Skopelos and Alonissos are reporting shortages of food

Skopelos town remains closed and the ferry will call at Agontas, as well as Glossa.

Iceberg update from Mandraki ...

Photo: Nikos Mavropoulous
Its sea foam whipped up by the storm ...

Update from Anastasia Ghighis ...keeps snowing in Sporades . Technicians managed to arrive today by boat and try to recover the electricity system in Alonissos and Skopelos which is down since Friday . 2m snow in the center of Alonissos . Difficult situation for all 3 islands . Greece is white allover and never ready for such situations .

Update from Skiathos Dog Shelter ... OGGIE OUR HERO! Yesterday morning the roads were too icy for us to drive our little cars to the shelter so Chris, Adrian and myself decided to walk. On their way from Paraskevi to meet me at Troulos Chris & Adrian were stopped by Oggie in his 4x4 who very kindly picked them up then drove to collect me then took us all the way to the shelter, stopping at the cat feeding stations along the way to make sure they all had food and water. We are so thankful to Oggie for his kindess. If you are stopping by the petrol station at Troulos now or during the summer when you are on holiday please take time to go and say "thank you" to him

Andrew Tomes has set up an emergency Just Giving  page for the Dog Shelter. You can access it on the link here

Many islanders suffering problems with water shortages, as boreholes freeze up along with unprotected pipes. Many pipes are run at surface level, so are unprotected.

As mentioned before, Skiathiti houses are rarely insulated. Concrete houses radiate cold like a fridge, Many of the older houses do not have a proper foundation, so your floor tiles are just a few inches away from the subsoil.

Not much point having underfloor heating in the modern ones, if the power is off, and the generator does not support it. Roofs without insulation, or in most places no guttering either, means huge icicles form. Its quite a sight to see an elderly Ya Ya, leaning out of the window, attacking them with a broom.

Trees are being damaged, as the snow breaks limbs, and shallow roots cannot support the weight of the tree.

Best thing to do is melt ice for the loo, drink tsipouro, or that bottle of whisky that someone gave you some time ago. Chuck another log from your shrinking woodpile, on the fire or into the woodburner.

Only another few months and it will be forty degrees again ...

Early/late news just in: Mayor. Demetrius Prebezános decided schools at all levels to remain closed tomorrow Tuesday 10 January due to adverse weather conditions.

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