Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ferry tickets and Bookings up ...

Ferry tickets:

The agency Skiathos O.E - (Hellenic Ferry Office) - Bottom of Papadiamantis Street - Opposite the harbour gates. Will now be issuing tickets for the ferry boat Proteus, and the Flying Dolphin Erato.

Skiathos O.E
Tel. +302427022209 +302427022276
E-mail: Skiathosoe@Yahoo.Gr

Bookings up ...

10% increase in bookings from Britain ...

Increased by approximately 10% are marked bookings from Britain, with tour operators in our region to speak of encouraging messages for the new season. Meanwhile, bookings continue with normality in all tourist areas, with professionals to foresee better progress this season, compared to last year.

The first elements are positive, but it remains to be verified in practice, and as reported by the  tour operator Alekos Efstathiou, who operates in Skiathos and Halkidiki , the increase in bookings of Britons are estimated at 10-11%, and for Scandinavians around 5-6%, without, however, still image for the other markets.
He explains that while 'bookings are higher than last year, but the total number of seats on flights from outside is not particularly high, because there are not too many extra flights yoy. The bookings come at a faster pace since the beginning of the year in what has been programmed on the original plan. "

Mr. Efstathiou attributes the above fact "in the country stability showing the moment and secondly that there prices rose too. VAT hike that absorbed more businesses than consumers, and therefore no major differences were noted in the prices. "
Similar is the picture that illustrates the  Vangelis Drossos, tour operator of Skopelos,  who said on his part that the positive picture is encouraging but "we have all the stress of having political stability in order to have a similar development in tourism." At the same time he stressed that "whatever Brexit, the workaday world will continue his life. Greece is purely a tourist destination and the fact that in recent years is a relative "hibernation", does not mean it will remain very. When things are stable, someone who wants to come to Greece, he does. " Concluding, Mr. Drossos does not fail to recall that "the increase of arrivals in Greece, does not mean that increasing and the turnover of the tourism product."

Good is the image that captures the part of the  tourist agent Thekla Kammenou , which has maintained a low profile, saying that it is early to draw firm conclusions. Analyzing the reasons for the above phenomenon, Ms. Kammenou states that "Spain and Portugal are already beginning to fill up and our traditional customers who love Greece, rushed to close quickly, because even existed before Brexit prices substantially." Similarly, the same tourist agent believes that hopefully without some shocking abruptness, it will be better this season than last year, if all goes through smoothly.

source: www.taxydromos.gr

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