Sunday, 11 December 2016

Easyjet - LGW & MAN to Volos ...

Looks like the big orange is getting nearer ...

Speculation on the fly to Volos FB page yesterday, appears to have some substance, after all - Original article see:

'Huge expectations for the tourism development of the area created by the accession of the airport of N.Anchialou to new destinations in the low-cost carrier easyjet based in London Luton Airport. As shown enduring institutions efforts and individuals expressed by collecting signatures online, they paid off and convinced the managers of the company that Volos worth is a destination that will be sustainable, since Greece is a traditional destination for British, while many have chosen the South Pelion for their permanent residence and their business activities. The benefits of course relate to the wider region of Thessaly and Central Greece for the inhabitants of which should be made aware that this airport was created for their own service.

The news "popped" when local people passengers traveled with flight company caught hold of the December issue of the journal Easyjet Traveller distributed free of charge to passengers of Easy Jet. There they found that the company has added and Volos, among other destinations, to plan flights reportedly will be announced very soon.

As stated speaking in the airport master of N.Anchialou Mr. Costas Efstathiou airport, discussions with leaders of the company began in September. Volos was responsible for the Greek airports Dodi Grip who along with the technical echelons inspected premises and airport infrastructure in order to verify the the standard of EasyJet in terms of passenger safety and service aircraft and other issues . As Mr. Eustatius route is expected to start immediately and is probably two per week, probably to London (Gatwick) and Manchester, while not ruled out the inclusion of additional services in the future. The good news for the airport N.Anchialou but do not stop here, as according to Mr. Efstathiou have expressed interest and other companies to start services to and from Volos while avoiding to give more information. The EasyJet today flies to Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Kos, Heraklion, Chania, Santorini, Kalamata, Mykonos, Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Corfu'

We shall see ...

Update 15/12/2016 - Early April fools day joke ...


  1. I bet the ferry does not tie in with the easyJet plane.

    1. Will be amazed if this gets going. Just cannot see two plane loads, of happy Pelion Lovers a week getting off at Volos.
      Business wise easyjet would fly to Skiathos where, they know they would fill the aircraft.
      Get the ferry? We know the majority of our island travellers, are the fly and slump by the beach variety. Risk a night in Volos? Flying via Athens and connecting with the hopper is too stressful for them as it is :) ...

  2. I tried asking Easyjet if they would fly to Skiathos last October this was the reply....shame.
    Thank you for your recent enquiry about adding Skiathos as an easyJet destination. I would like to thank you for the route suggestion. Unfortunately, Skiathos, which we know is an extremely popular destination, doesn’t feature in our plans. There are a number of operational reasons including airport safety and route complexity which has helped us come to this decision.

    1. Which makes you wonder, So why Volos?
      Me thinks it's an advert for Pelion, that's been misinterpreted ...

    2. "Mistakenly included on our maps the Volos Airport and there in our plans for 2017" is the answer of the airline Easy Jet in the communication request made by the .