Sunday, 27 November 2016

Wet and windy ...

Severe Weather Outlook 26-28/11/2016
Alert issued by Severe Weather Greece

The main features of the weather systems which will affect the country for the next 3 days (at least), starting from Saturday noon from W Greece, will be the excessive precipitation (esp. for the "red" areas on the map – for the areas on W Greece, it is valid for Saturday, Sunday & Monday and for the areas on ENE Aegean sea, it is valid for Sunday & Monday) and the severe thunderstorms. Until the evening/night of Saturday, rainfall and thunderstorms will be affecting eastern continental parts as well.

Phenomena will continue till Monday evening at least. Waterspouts are likely at the Ionian sea (mainly on Saturday). A small possibility for tornadoes esp. for Peloponnese and Attica is there for Monday.
Winds will be generally strong, blowing from southern directions and very strong only in C & ENE Aegean sea (up to 75-80 km/h max).
From Monday noon winds will gradually start blowing from NNE and they will be stormy esp. in the Aegean. The temperature will drop considerably and snow will appear also in areas with low or zero altitude in C & N Greece, as well as semi-mountainous areas of SE continental Greece.

(Severe thunderstorms affecting Athens overnight)


  1. It will be interesting to see how the day progresses. For us just out of Athens we got an hour of extremely heavy rain last night and that was it. Woke to a beautiful sunny day. Great lettuce growing weather

    1. SWG had some impressive photos of the storm over Athens overnight. Seems there is a cold blast, coming from Mother Russia ...