Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Snow fun ...

Not on Skiathos, where its wet and windy ...

But lots of photos circulating of the snow that is affecting Northern Greece, and Pilio. Which is not far from Skiathos ...

This is Meteora this morning, somewhere where many of us like to visit in warmer times ...


  1. We visited in May 2005.
    It wasn't like that.
    We wore the long trousers to comply with the religious requirements, which would be useful in today's weather.
    But just a T shirt above wouldn't have been any use in those conditions.
    Mind you it appears that in view of Skiathos's forecast it would be totally inadequate there as well.
    When I was there on holiday in May I met an English couple who were renting for a year in Troulos to get an idea whether a more permanent move was credible.
    I hope they have heating.

    1. Hi Pete
      Bet they are freezing their bits off - One Skiathos friend, who owns his house, told me he has 8 inches of insulation just on the roof, of his house. If they are renting - hope it has a non leaking roof :)
      Friends were saying the wind was rattling their roof tiles, and they were throwing logs up their chimney to keep warm.
      This cold snap is very early, and also being wet will have caught the newbies out ...

  2. When we visited in 1969, my wife and daughter were compelled to rent and wear one-piece one-size-fits-all outfits. At least they were brightly coloured!

    1. Nice memory Dennis, thanks for sharing ...