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Preservation, of the ancient streets of Skiathos ...

Translation of article relating to the preservation of the classic streets of Skiathos ...

Well done to Theo Tzoumas and the Cultural association of Skiathos.

The traditional streets of the island, which were shown in the international press in the 70s when photographs of  Jackie Kennedy by Aristotle Onassis and other celebrities of the international jet set, walking them, began to built in the 19th century.

Today, at least 150 years after the first decision of the island's authorities for their construction, the Ministry of Environment Architecture Department determined that it cobbled streets unique in Greece in typical configuration "herringbone" with peculiar pedestrian sideways.

The islanders streets are recent examples of local traditional 19th century. and local folk art, retaining many of the old morphological data and is necessary to maintain for the study of the history of paved. Besides, they are reference points for the islanders.

A total of 34 decisions manufacturing cobbled streets dating from 1906 to 1930 were identified in the Municipality of Skiathos by the Cultural Association "Skiathos" in an attempt to substantiate the historical value of local cobbled streets.

The stories of Papadiamantis, eloquent witnesses of the past in his work "The Chalasochorides mentions the-facing of the mega cobbles;" meaning the current street George Moraitis hitherto called "big alley",

The president of the Cultural Association Theo Tzoumas explains. "Also in the project' noted ''; the cousin Machoula and I, together the slippery cobbles, the incipient from the great house of Captain - Nicholas of Matarona and reach the seaside market '', referring to the current Alexander Moraitidis street. The house of Captain Nikola Matarona located at the beginning of the Al route. Moraitidis next to the Church of Our Lady Limnia ". As if nothing has changed since 1851 when the Skiathitis writer wrote the "Chalasochorides" ...

When and how were constructed

The story of cobbled describes vividly the historian-archaeologist Syraino crown-Dionysius, which agreed on the suggestion of their being declared as listed. "In 1829 with the establishment of the Greek State, the islanders again settled in the port coming from the area of ​​the castle. The new settlement of Skiathos started to be implemented from 1829-1830 and in 1855 the city rymotomisi begins on two hills, which are located on the seashore, "he explains. "The large natural harbor was a regulatory element of island life.

In densely built part of the settlement, the houses are usually small, built close to each other, two and stone, and the old narrow streets are paved. In the center of the road serving long thin stones in the shape of 'herringbone' 'and inclined to the axis of the street in order to facilitate the removal of rainwater. On either side of this provision -the 'herringbone' '- and by building lines, paving continues with more flat plates and markedly less inclined to the axis of the street in order to separate from the central arrangement of the stones, as a kind of pavements of the time. "

Declaring the cobbled streets as listed originally secured the favorable opinion of the Architecture Council of the Regional Unit of Magnesia and Sporades and then the decision is sent to the Architecture Department of the Environment and Energy Ministry. "After many months of our collaboration with the ministry some time ago posted Gazette which are characterized as preserved cobbled streets of Filokleous Georgiades, George Moraitis, Trinity and Alexander Moraitidis located in the settlement of the Municipality of Skiathos. The decision vindicated our initiative, "says Mr. Tzoumas.

According to the Official Gazette, in characterized as preserved streets prohibited any removal, alteration or destruction of individual components and decorative elements, their construction materials (stones and binder), while operations are permitted for the modernization of facilities for the drainage of rainwater for operational reasons - if not altered the architectural character and does not prejudice the listed elements and preserved elements of their surroundings. For any maintenance, repair, restoration or cleaning preserved cobbled streets and their related data will now require the assent of the Architecture Council.

WHAT islanders TRADITIONAL streets should be preserved

George Moraitis: He came from the old family of Moraitis who settled in Skiathos in 1771, after Orlov, from Mistra. Family patriarch was Papa Diamantis, a relative of Papadiamantis. He studied pharmacy at the University of Istanbul in 1895 settled in Izmir. After the Asia Minor Catastrophe went to Alexandria. In 1950 he offered a tidy sum in pounds sterling, for the water supply of the homeland, Skiathos, which proclaimed the great benefactor.

Filokleous Georgiadis: He was twice mayor and once president of the community. It was installed on the island in the first years after the liberation from the Turks. Allocated enough money from his property for public utility projects and beautification of the island while legacy blanketed the stream in the village center, today Papadiamantis street.

Alexander Moraitidis: Known writer of short stories and travel impressions. The short stories were published in "Citadel" from 1888 to 1908. novelist, scholar, poet, playwright, essayist, translator, scholar, journalist, first praktikografos of the Greek Parliament. In 1928 he was named president of the Academy of Athens

With Initiative and action in the cultural association the skiathos ', declared as a heritage the cobblestones of skiathos, Architekotnikḗs Directorate of the ministry of environment and energy, with the feck 93 PCR / 26-05-2016.
The Club would like to thank sincerely the Katerina Rovva for the excellent article in the nation (19.8.2016).

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