Friday, 12 August 2016

Crosswinds and Fly By's ...

We have a great airport ...

Sometimes it puts on a special performance, which gives the plane spotters, and assembled holiday nutters an experience to remember.

Today was one of those days, to have a camera to hand, and to be in the right place at the right time ...

Here is a video shared by Ben Luck, one of the active spotters in the Skiathos airport FB Group. It is of Thomson TOM5584 from London Luton Airport seen here making its first attempt at landing at Skiathos this afternoon ...


That was the first attempt, at dealing with the strong 40 Knots crosswind, and severe windshear conditions, They had another go too, and the same result.

It was a Boeing 757-200 (G-OOBF) a regular visitor to the island, but the conditions on arrival were too much for the pilots, and the requirements of having a stable approach for landing.

So after a tour of the Marine Park, and a view of 'The church' that they will not have to pay Thomson/TUI for ...

They were forced to divert to Athens, so three excursions in one trip. Mamma Mia, Marine Park and Athens all in one trip. Not going to be a good week for comission for the reps ...

London (LTN) Skiathos (JSI) B752 (G-OOBF)
STD 06:05 BST
ATD 06:54
ETA 11:20 EEST
Diverted to ATH

Where presumably the passengers emptied the trolleys of all food on board, whilst thinking of filling in claim forms, waiting for the local conditions to abate ...

So it was 3rd time lucky, after a quick sprint up, from the greart metropolis. they managed to make it down fine, if late but safe and sound.

Athens (ATH) Skiathos (JSI) B752 (G-OOBF)
STD 15:24 EEST
ATD 15:24
ETA 15:36 EEST
Landed 15:47

A four hour delay, for those checked in at the airport, But hardly the airlines fault. Well done to the pilots who despite showing off their skills in testing and tough conditions, made the right decision for all those on board ...

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