Friday, 10 June 2016

On their way ...

Not a good day to be flying to the rock ...

Only one aircraft expected to be on time all day ...

05:35 LGW Skiathos and Volos S5351 Departed 06:12 (Small Planet)
05:50 LGW Skiathos and Volos ST2610 #Delayed Taxied 06:05 - Departed 07:44 (Germania)
06:05 LTN Skiathos TOM5584 #Delayed Departed 07:06 (Thomson)
07:00 STN Skiathos - MT7078 #Delayed One hour+ Departed 08:20 (Thomas Cook)
07:05 BHX Skiathos TOM7534 #Delayed one Hour #Departed 08:38 (Thomson)
08:00 MAN Skiathos AND Volos S5151 #Delayed one hour+ Departed 09:37 (Small Planet)
08:05 MAN Skiathos  - Kavala MT6156 #Delayed Two hour+ (Thomas Cook)
08:15 MAN  Skiathos TOM2526 #Delayed Two hour+ (Thomson)
09:00 MAN Skiathos MT2164 #Delayed Departed 10:58 (Thomas Cook)
09:45 LGW Skiathos ST2610 #Delayed Departed 11:27 (Enter Air)
12:05 EMA Skiathos MT5004 #Delayed Departed 13:19 (Thomas Cook)
12:20 LGW Skiathos TOM4558 Taxied 12:19 (Thomson) #ONTIME
14:00 MAN Skiathos S5217 #Delayed Departed 14:58 (Small Planet)

Of the 13 flights from the UK today, all but one were late ...

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