Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Καλό μήνα - Ιούνιος - good month ...

June - Ιούνιος is here ...

The first month of summer, and time to earn some money to pay some taxes ...

Tax hikes are on the radar for the next few weeks, some businesses are not even up and running. How do you pay taxes if you are a beach vendor? The latest date for the auction of services is not for another 10 days.

Surely someone has to make money, prepare for winter, pay your bills, pay your taxes - How do they do it ...

This months tax increases:

Value Added Tax rise from 23% up to 24% as of 1. July 2016
Fuel prices: Hikes in a special consumption tax
Beer: retail price will be increased
Cable TV: an extra fee of 10% from 1st June

On the radar ...

1st July 2016 - If you are a fan of the beautiful island of Alonissos, there the scrapping of VAT deductions on the island, will mean sweeping price increases in goods, and services as the VAT deduction of 30% will be scrapped.

15th October 2016 - Heating oil costs to increase by 6 cents a litre

1st July 2017 - Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, tobacco: special fee: estimated 30-50 cents per package
1st July 2017 - Phone land lines: additional fee of 5%
1st July 2017 - Cafeteria coffee expected to rise by 20%, as tax on the raw product is increased bt €2-€4

1st January 2018 - Hotels & Rooms To Let: A special fee will be added on accommodation bills

This all agreed by Syriza, the political party, elected on a storming mandate, by the Greek people, to end austerity for the people of Greece. If it were a different time period, and the Greek army had fuel in the tanks, they would have been out on the streets.

In the UK in just 23 days, we have an option to vote, and leave the EU. An elected US president, without a mandate to change anything, in his own country, tells us what to do, The French and Germans are telling us what to do. (Ring any bells?)

If it rains like it did yesterday, who will turn out to vote? Some wont be bothered, some cannot handle change, some are not exactly clever enough, to be able to understand, what its all about. Some say - well I am on holiday (Use a postal vote) or my vote does not matter - well it does, after all people die and queue for days for the right to vote, to express an opinion ...

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to tell the Government, elected on the promise of a referendum, What to do and to get on with it ...

Instead what do you get in return ?

Remind you of anything ?
How do you think the people of Greece would vote, given the opportunity ...

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