Monday, 6 June 2016

Good deed for the day...

I get asked a fair few questions ...

I try to answer as many as I can, some people come back and say thanks, others you never hear from again, You can only pass on the benefit of your experience, or point them to someone who is better qualified to assist.

This morning, I read someone had lost their camera. Plenty of good advice, not least go to the Police station, and ask there ...

I suggested 'Try the Police station (Ask them to look in the drawer) also opposite terminus in the cafe, are the bus drivers (Ask Yannis the boss - Looks like Sean Connery)'

Tonight an update ...

I"m absolutely delighted that it was on the bus, and Yannis (who we recognised from Skiathian's description, and does indeed look like Sean Connery!) found it for us. So a happy ending ...

Hows that !

On the subject of the buses, I can confirm that the adult bus fares are still €1.60 for shorter journeys and €2 for longer.

Late Buses from town, now at 23:50 - 00:10 - #Last Bus at 00:30
Late Buses from Koukounaries, now at 00:20 - 00:40 - #Last Bus at 01:00


  1. Good deed, indeed! Now I'm on the lookout for a Sean Connery-type on the island. Never noticed such a guy before...

    1. I don't believe you. All these years, Great friends of yours, and you say, you don't know Martha's brother ?????

    2. Sean Connery-type? That didn't register somehow.

    3. Sean Connery-type? Does she have two brothers perhaps? I know of only one, and the resemblance to 007 never occurred to me.

    4. Three brothers, you need to see Martha for coffee ...