Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Posting update: Cherry Jam on toast ...

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If someone gives you a 750g jar of home made cherry jam. At the last minute you may question yourself and think - shall i pack it after all. Its a gift, so you squeeze it in, and hope it travels. 

You get home and open the bag, half expecting smashed glass and a sticky residue. It's made it safe, SWMBO studies the jar carefully, and you put it in the cupboard for another day.

I have a loaf of bread that I picked up from the supermarket yesterday, Just to toast. The type sealed like everything into a polythene wrap. Its been chemically risen, so its light as a feather. Perhaps they put helium into the dough.

Into the toaster, click up it comes, lightly toasted as SWMBO has adjusted the settings whilst I have been away. Toast it again - Pop - Its done, no smoke, no fire alarm activation, to wake the house.

Unsalted butter melts into the sponge, that passes for toasted bread ...

Its that cherry jam moment ...

Into the cupboard searching for where SWMBO has hidden it, found it. Grip it and you twist the lid.

You twist it again, you say the magic word all men know 'Mother in Law' as you exert all your power, to seperate tin lid, from glass jar ...

And you cant get the bloody lid off ...

Late news just in: 
Page views yesterday - 1061 - Just like the old days - Thank you for visiting ...


  1. I know there is more to come, but how on earth have you fitted all this in your week, bet your are exhausted. All good reading though. Hope my week is calmer :)

    1. Hi Will, All done recovering from Flu and the streptococcus virus. Three days of which would fill a book. Have a great holiday back on the rock ...

  2. There is no doubt for good time on the rock, home from home.

  3. Oh that was so funny, Akela and I were rolling up eating our breakfast. Going to be watching more friends arrive on flightradar at 11:45 Skiathos time today. Hope all the tests at the hospital are going well

    1. I bet she has a badge, for situations like this. "Ging gang..."

  4. I'am sure she has a badge for you :-)