Thursday, 10 March 2016

Getting to Skyros ...

Any adventurers out there? ...

Looks like the (Long awaited) weekly connection from Skiathos has materialised,  The Skyros shipping company ferry 'Achilleas' will operate as follows ...

Sunday ferry service to Skyros

Volos         06:45 Skiathos 09:25
Skiathos    10:00 Skopelos 11:05
Skopelos   11:20 Alonissos 11:55
Alonissos   12:05 Skyros 14:45

The service from Skyros is on a Saturday

Skyros 12:15   Kymi         14:00
Kymi        15:00   Alonissos 17:20
Alonissos 17:35 Skopelos  18:10
Skopelos 18:40 Skiathos 19:40
Skiathos 20:15 Volos         22:45

It is only mid-June (20th) - Mid September (11th), so you have to choose that period 

The ferry also goes 2/3 times a week from Skopelos/Alonissos around 12:30 arrives Skyros about 20:00 with a connecting bus to Chora. return is at 07:00.

It is only mid-June (20th) - Mid September (15th), so you have to choose that period otherwise there is no easy way except from Evia.

The timetable is here


  1. Hi Skiathian. You posted this ferry timetable in march 2016. Is it still in operation and if so should i book a couple of tickets asap?
    Thanks figgy.

    1. Hi figgy

      Seems have fallen by the wayside. I cannot see any direct link posted for Skiathos to Skyros this year.