Tuesday, 26 January 2016

New markets ...

I have been having a banter with friends on Skiathos about the tourist season. Steve in Skiathos has advised that the first tourist flight of the summer is now less than 100 days away.

The island tourist team, are still working hard at the tourist fairs, raising the profile of Skiathos in new markets

My humble offering, is the footprint of visitors to the blog, where once again. It seems we are still big in the Ukraine this week. Not sure whats going on down in South Korea, perhaps we got a mention on a balloon, or the loudspeakers crossing the demilitarized zone ...

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Its been great to see some photos, and video of the snow from Skiathos, these last few days. Not least the football team sitting outside, at Mouragio celebrating their latest victory, with one of my island mates. 

Photo: Skiathos Life 
I appreciate its been quite tough dealing with the after effects, power cuts and the like. 

The snow causes a lot of issues, not just with the infrastructure. Trees not used to getting loaded with snow and ice break under the strain. Olive trees, that loose a limb, loose a few kilos of olives, although the fire wood will come in handy next year. 

Creaking roofs have been known to break, under the deluge. Up in the hills it has been quite a deluge too. It affects the roads and tracks, where many are seeing out the winter. Although the council does like to keep the road clear to the Monastery, others are not so fortunate.

Here I have been knocked out by a second bought of bronchitis. Its been quite a week, SWMBO having chemotherapy at the same time. Today I plan to venture out for the first time in four days. Coughing and wheezing on to the bus, the mobile tank of viruses.

Decent food makes you feel better, and it can be hard to find. However if you can find the recipe for Nigel Slater's Wafer-thin ribbons of courgette fries with homemade pesto, Then I can confirm its delicious, and should be on the late summer recipe list of any summer gardener, with a vegetable patch or in need of a healthy lift.

I do miss the butchers shop in Tries Hieraches, where Vasilis would toss any decent cut of meat into the mincer. Our local places follow the age old tradition, of last weeks meat is cubed for pies, later when the colour deteriorates, hits the mincer with a lump of fat.

When you find a decent butcher, you cherish the experience, so if all goes well later. Then I have a long bus ride on my hands to restock the fridge.

Junior has surfaced so its time to go, however the following request just caught my eye, So I thought I would share this one with you ...

'Hi can anyone recommend a good vet for castration on my dog. I don't mind where abouts. Thank you'

If anyone knows, of a different place on the body, 'where abouts' dogs get castrated, please let me know asap ...

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