Thursday, 14 January 2016

Beer anyone?

No not that Mythos that you all love ...

Over on the mainland (Where is that?) Our local city is Volos. Its the capital of Thessaly, and where the ferries go to.

Greek legend has it home of Jason, and the Argonauts. If you visit in summer you will see a replica of Argo, his vessel moored on the waterfront.

Not only is Volos a great place to visit, with a vibrant cafe culture. I have just discovered it has a Microbrewery. Its brewing ale, something many of you like to enjoy - even in Greece.

Microbrewery of Thessaly

Website: Click here

Facebook page: Click here

Photographs shared with the kind permission & © Microbrewery of Thessaly

Now if Argo Golden ale, were on sale in Skiathos, bet our summer ale loving tourists, would give the beer a try. Not least our island expat ale lovers too.

So next time I am in the big city, I will be looking this place up, and relocating some bottles to a place, where they will be better appreciated ...

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