Thursday, 1 January 2015

Kαλη χρονιά ...

Happy New Year ...

Its just another day, but its a fun way to change the numbers.

Many of you will be longing for your return to the island this summer. Your trip just a few months away, Some of you will share a desire to live there too.

This morning please spare a thought, for friends back on the rock ...

The bad weather of the last few days, is taking its toll on the islanders. Heavy snow, has been followed by strong winds, and freezing rain. The ferries have not been able to sail, due to the strong winds.

Photo - Darrel Woods
Power supplies are being interrupted, wood supplies are being swiftly used up, as they try to keep warm. Not the start to the year, that many will have planned ...

Later news:
Volitaki reports the flying cat from Volos was due to depart at 16:00hrs, it was delayed until 18:00hrs. It is not expected to sail before 20:00hrs due to the strong winds ...


  1. Yes, thoughts are with them. Too many people in the UK take our infrastructure for granted these days. The people of the Isle of Man have been without a ferry service since Christmas, but thanks to the good people of Rolls Royce Marine doing a bit of Christmas overtime, all is now well.

    1. Its an Aegean paradise ...

      Many living in a concrete house, with minimal insulation, no electricity to start boilers if they have them. Many are reliant on aircon systems to keep warm.
      Most have solar panels for hot water, warm water in winter. Covered in snow or ice they do not work at all.
      There will not be a scrap of wood, left on the island that is not going up a chimney pipe if it has not already. The generator shop will have been besieged, by locals with generators that have not been used in anger, or serviced in the last five years.
      Living the dream :)

  2. Thinking about you your family and our friends on the rock take care good luck hope you all get through this hard time