Thursday, 27 November 2014


Thanks for all the messages ...

We are astounded by the support, and positive messages, both via email and the FB page.

 SWMBO is at home here resting on Skiathos, awaiting the results of the tests. She has been out on the harbour on Monday, for coffee to see a very good friend. In the process we met a lot of people, in a very short time.

To be fair everyone speaks well, of how she looks, A lot of it is to do with keeping up appearances. She is in a lot of discomfort, both from the wound, and the daily injections, that I (Dr Ioannis) have to give her.

Its hard for her to get to sleep, as if you turn on to the side of the wound you are awake. Cancer as many of you know, is a hidden enemy, and you cannot always say, from how someone looks, how they are or feel inside.

So she is staying in the warm and resting, Its not the best weather for doing much else here at the moment.

However it was great to see Junior in Athens, and lifted spirits, and now to be back together here on Skiathos. We are indebted to some very good Greek friends, for helping us, and supporting us looking after Junior whilst we were at the hospital.

Our friends both near and far, have helped immensely not only in financial terms - but the blood donors, and islanders with the fantastic support, for us here on the island too. We have made the first step with the surgery in Athens, however we expect to be back there again soon.

For now it's just rest, enjoy being at home as a family, and keep warm before the next step - whatever that is ...

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  1. Glad you are all home on Skiathos. Plenty of rest and time required now. Best regards Phil and family