Thursday, 30 October 2014

SWMBO - Seven days to go ...

6am and the silence of the pre dawn here in Skiathos ...

Amazing day yesterday, friends visiting the house,  word has started to get around the village. I was stopped three times in Papadamatis street by Greek friends from the island.

Locals interested to hear how things are progressing. Can they do anything to help? I learned a lot from one friend, who has been through a similar experience, with a close family member,

SWMBO had a call from her friend, someone in town, had passed a donation to her. So I went out last night to see the couple, and say thank you. They were lovely a little shy, but we have met a few times. Just wanted to help, no thanks needed.

I notice the Greek people do something different (to what I am used too, as an Englishman). It is a simple physical gesture, that they make, and I understand now what it's about. It happened again twice yesterday.

It gives you strength ...

Over a thousand people have read the post from Saturday, about SWMBO. The vast majority of respondents I do not know, However they are in main mentioning, that they are fans from here the blog.

Thank you to each and every one of you, whether you read the post, responded or not ...

So seven days to go today, until SWMBO starts out on the journey of her life.

Today we review again where we are. Plenty of advice in the FB and email inboxes, from people who know about fundraising. It's much appreciated thank you.

Watch this space ...

PS - Hello to our friends in Volos, see you soon
Island friends

Adrian & Chris (The Gromits) have arranged a fundraiser at the 'King and Queen' pub in Skiathos, on Friday afternoon. Starting at 3:30pm hope to see you there ...



  1. Hi Ian and Kamila, just made what is, I'm afraid, only a modest contribution, but many a mickle makes a muckle as they say in Scotland. My thoughts are very much with you as this year, as you, Ian, may recall my wife has this year been undergoing treatment for cancer. In a few days we will both travel to Skopelos and very much hope to carry on where we left off. I can't think of anything that you might regard as helpful advice, but keep on keeping on. Maybe one day we will meet! My very best wishes to you and your family, Mark.

    1. Hi Mark. Thanks for getting in touch, and your support. You know exactly what it is like to go through the dark times, and emerge the other side. Very best wishes for your return home to Skopelos.
      K starts her journey the other way in six days time. We very much hope to say hello to friends on the "next rock" some time when all of this is over ...