Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Skiathos rush hour ...

Only ours is in the port ...

Watched the sun rise over the pounta - twice. First over the hill, only then to be obscured by a wall of cloud. Then the sun broke through again over the top of the clouds.

Back over the island was another wall of cloud, this one building over the mainland, and getting darker due to the sunlight. Dark purple grey stratus below, and white cumulo nimbus clouds building over the top.

The port was busy, ANES Proteus docking, swiftly followed by Aegean flying dolphin Erato. Then Erato departed swiftly in a plume of diesel smoke. Followed by the chuggy ferry Proteus which passed quite near the end of the pontoon.

In came the speeding Hellenic Flying Cat 6 riding over the wake from Proteus.

All three boats in competition, with each other and arriving/departing within a 30 minute period, heading to the same destination - Volos.

Cost for the trip

ANES Proteus - €19.80 - 2 Hr 40 Min
Aegean flying dolphin Erato - €32- 1 Hr 20 Min
Hellenic Flying Cat 6 - €37.50 - 1 Hr 40 Min (Until 31/10)

Wonder if Hellenic will run the cat after 31/10. They must be loosing a fortune operating the service, and they tried to withdraw the winter service last year ...

Sunny for now, but it may not last ...

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