Friday, 10 October 2014

Chestnuts ...

From the Pelion (Pilion) ...

A little early to roast them by an open fire, but these were given to us by a friend yesterday.

They have been boiled, so the insides are soft and sweet. No charcoal fingers eating these beauties, the skins are soft and easy to peel.

The Pelion is the area of the mainland nearest to Skiathos, Pelion mountain, is the home of the centaur in Greek mythology, and is the backbone of land you can see from Mandraki.  Its well known for the autumn produce. Apples, chestnuts, pistachios, plums, wild mushrooms, and if you know the right people - Wild boar.

The famous Pelion dish you will find here on Skiathos is Spentzofáï, Its a stew made of sliced pork sausage that is first cooked on its own, then stewed with green and red peppers. 

It can be mild or hot as the case may be, and shallots or small onions; Aubergine (Egg plant) or tomatoes are added when seasonally available.

So stuck for something to cook tonight?

Not any more, there is another recipe for Spentzofai here ...


  1. Sounds good - but may have to substitute Greek sausage with Chorizo!

    1. I have done the Spetzofai in UK before with a mix of decent pork sausages and chorizo and it worked very well. If you can get some wild boar sausages - even better. On my trips here I used to bring back a semi dry Chorizo from Waitrose, It was really good and bled paprika during cooking - Our version now we use the village sausage either from Asteras or the Albanian butcher near the ring road - As spicy goes its as near as we can get ...

    2. SWMBO advises I am making Spetzofai tomorrow, after reading the blog entry ...