Thursday, 14 August 2014

Water shortges, outrages and works ...

Its all about water ...

The signs are up in town, ΔΕΥΑΣ, the water company are appealing for island visitors , and residents to conserve water supplies. The effect of a dry winter, increased use of supplies, and problems with the distribution network - Mean that the reserves are being severely depleted.

Not only are we drinking lots of it due to the heat, we are badly in need of extra supplies to keep the island going. This week the water company turned off supplies in town, due to a supply issue for around 10 hours.

There are now 'serious concerns' that the water supplies, will need to be cut to conserve water, during the next few weeks. In addition this winter the works to replace the water mains,will result in loss of service for extended periods.

Keep a few buckets of water filled for emergency use, or pop down to the harbour if you need some water to keep the house services fully operational ...


"Replacing internal water supply network in the city of Skiathos' budget of EUR 2.436 million.

As he said in his statements. Agorastos,  't is the water source of life. With this project proupologismou2,4ekat. euro we resolve the water Skiathos for the next 40 years, replacing the obsolete water supply network. Our goal is to ensure adequate water quality and the improvement of daily life for residents and holidaymakers on the island. Through the NSRF support in practice the Sporades substance works which are a hope for these areas as they create leverage in the local economy and society . "
From Thessaly regional governor signed the tender approval of Thessaly Managing Authority for the project, to proceed with the competition on the relevant Regional Unit of Magnesia & seeds as implementing agency of the project, for the procurement and execution. According to the program contract developer and operator is Drenaje Skiathos. 
His work was included in the NSRF in April 2014 and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Operational Programme for Spatial Unity "Thessaly - Central Greece - Epirus 2007-2013 'and is included in the Integrated Development Plan of the Island of Skiathos (Skiathos WHEN).     
The project the replacement of antiquated, outdated, inappropriate and inadequate water supply innermost center of Skiathos. Includes construction - replacement of existing asbestos pipe and iron pipes with polyethylene pipes and the installation of new mains, which will supply water to the town of Skiathos from existing water tanks. The design of the water network was designed to ensure the required supply and taking into account the water needs for the next forty years. Total will be built or replaced water supply pipes length 4.8 kilometers. Upon construction - replacement of the entire network will improve the quality of drinking water supplied, will ensure the required supply will become more flexible distribution of water in case of failure or failure and will reduce water losses from leaks.

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