Saturday, 16 August 2014

A message from Soren in Denmark ...

Friend of the blog, Soren from Denmark writes ...

Hello Skiathian

Our beautiful and lovely adopted cat Jiggi from the dog shelter in Skiathos since 2010, living at our home here in Denmark, suddenly disappeared from our home 12th July 2014. We searched everywhere inc posters etc, had a nice call today from the cat society in Denmark, he as found well and alive and is back home after + 1 month.

The only reason he came back was the ear tatooes and neck chip applied by the wonderful people at  the dog shelter at Skiathos, I can only wish more people would spend part of their lives "at home" with proper and lively, beautiful animals adopted from Skiathos.

See you soon, the entire family returned last Saturday after two weeks in Skiathos.

Sören Nielsen

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