Thursday, 3 July 2014

Crazy days of Summer ...

Its getting very busy ...

Nipped out for a quick beer last night with, my man at Billingsgate - Mr JH & Rainey. I am rather taken by his designer leisure wear, he even laughed when I said he looked like a deckchair.

Great fun down at Mythos bar, ordering FIX and watching some seriously colourful cocktails, as they trashed the spirit cabinet once again. Two great friends, and thank you once again for the gift for junior.

The Cape Town gang are here on the rock, Welcome back Marise, David, Andrea and Catherine - Hope to catch up soon. Apologies to Alan and friends, have not seen you at Main Street in passing.

Tomorrow the 'Great sage' is due back on the rock, along with my childhood favourites 'Janet & John'

But before that is another busy 'English Friday' and it will be another busy day at work.
Strong winds forecast tonight as the shutters are due a 'Meltemi' rattle.

Time for bed said zebedee ...

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