Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Secret Garden ...

I have been allowed exclusive access, to a secret plantation, up in the hills ...

Now after months of negotiation, much of it in darkened rooms, where I had been led blindfolded and interogated at length by my inquisitors. I was asked to sign the 'Skiathos secrets act'. Now not being Greek, nor being related to anyone who descended from Kastro - Its quite an experience.

Then at crack of sparrows, I was bundled into a waiting car, a Hessian onion sack, placed over my head. The next daylight that I saw, I found myself looking at immaculately cared for fields of this ...

Now let me tell you its 'legal - fragrant and organic' its lovingly cultivated for a very good reason ...

Now can you tell me what it is, who it belongs to and its final destination ?

There may be a prize for a correct answer ...


  1. Could it be an aniseed plant..waiting to jump into a certain someone's still, final destination ..... Glass with ice an water ;)

  2. Could it be oregano for our Greek salads ?

  3. Could it be oregano for our Greek salads ?

  4. Looks a bit like wild mint. Can be only one destination for good mint - into a mojito

  5. Is it YOUR MINT ready to jump in some MOJITOS?

    1. Speaking from experience are we ;) ...

  6. It looks like mint but over here (in Paros) they drink "mountain tea" So whatever it is I think it is the ingredient for that.

  7. Definitely mint, used in cooking and cocktails and making sauces, and can be dried, destination shops in Skiathos and Volos .