Saturday, 17 May 2014

Something for everyone ...

It started with a bare backside ...

Not sure that walking to the bus stop, wearing just a thong is acceptable. However the male owner of the dental floss apparel, did take note of our conversation. Pulled some shorts out of a bag, and continued on his journey.

I watched earlier, as a man crashed off his motorbike, and managed to land on his feet. He also jogged to a stop unhurt. The motorbike not so lucky.

This afternoon, I met my neighbour, here on a cheapie flight accommodation package. Cheap as chips, and someone cleans the room too.

Yesterday evening, a thunderstorm washed the west of the island, and in town it remained dry. There are some biting flies being a nuisance. I square cut a horsefly for four, to a place where they never return. Horrible things, and watched a hornet, circle the room before seeking a classier environment.

Enjoyed seeing what the prospective Mayors had to say last night. Who is with whom, all up on the stage ...

A lovely afternoon, blue skies and a warm breeze. SWMBO & Junior are down on the beach. Very tempted to join them, only I do not have a thong ...


  1. I am very sure that someone will bring you one now,what's your favorite color ;)

  2. On my way out in about ten days time.
    I don't actually possess one but if you want I can see the range that Debenhams stock and maybe bring one out with me.
    In a plain brown envelope obviously.
    Just plain or patterned?

  3. You may have some, limited insight into the joy that your blogs bring to us boomerangers but I would just like to emphasise how wonderful, humorous and enlightening your daily accounts of life on "our island" are.
    It is of course impossible to summarise to the uninitiated just how wondrous a place Skiathos is. The waft of airborne pine, the sunlight dancing on the waves and the warmth of the indigenous are all lost where technology is concerned. A good thing in my opinion as the gob-open fixations welded to the unacquainted on their first arrival is always a pleasure to witness.
    We'll be back (again) first week in June, christening some friends who've waited long enough for the privilege. Maybe, if you have the time, you could spare a moment for coffee as I'd love to put a face to the ramblings that keep my Skiathon appetite satiated, if not thank you anyway.

    1. Hello David

      Thank you for posting such a nice mail, the feedback is much appreciated. I try to tell everyone how it is, however the sight of a dolphin dancing on the waves in Megali Amos bay seems lost on many.
      There is a link on the Contact the Skiathian page top right. Drop me a mail when you are coming ...