Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sunny days ...

... and heat

The man who showed me the weather forecast on his 'app' last night must be scratching his head. The I-phone probably cast out into the sea too. Its been a scorcher today. One that has seen the clouds bubble and build over distant Evia this afternoon ...

This morning I was approaching a bus stop and someone, looked at me. Then she waddled out in front of me, and did that silly walk, like they were running on the spot. Then just walked, looking straight ahead. I put a lot of rubber down on the road, and somehow managed to avoid serious injury to the car - and whatever to the lady herself.

If you are a Brit and in Troulos - Please remember the traffic comes from the opposite direction, and side of the road, than what you are used too. You do need a torch for the late night returns, as you are often walking on the wrong side of the road, with your back to the traffic, in the dark.

As for the waddler from the bus stop - you know who you are, and how lucky you are ...

Later I bumped into Pete and his daughter Emma - We continued our ongoing chat, whilst watching the thunderstorms passing south over the island. Enormous cumulonimbus clouds were developing over Evia all afternoon. They must have been rising over 40000 feet. I did hear a distant rumble of thunder.

Luckily the dark skies stayed around 10 miles distant but provided amazing colours as the sun set.

Back into town, to meet up with Liz and Ian, friends of many years and fans of the blog. Just for a change popped into Taverna Alexandros. A glass or two of red, a laugh and a joke - The recommendation of what I should eat from Magda, excellent as always ...

Liz and Ian ...
Thanks to Liz and Ian for the supplies and the emergency delivery of a fine quality nail brush to the Skiathian. In addition the lovely presents for Junior, I will be practising my cross stitch skills in due course.

Just after they left,  my favourite photographers Chrissy and Andy passed by. If only I could take photos like those two, I would be a very happy bunny ...

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Friday, 30 May 2014

Cloudy days ...

Last nights storm has left some cloud behind ...

It also sent people scurrying into town, as the beaches were considered a no go area for many. The shops were doing a great trade, they pray for days like this. The worried study group of the BBC weather forecast masses, now know the forecast was way out. The storms had passed the night before. All thoughts of diversions to Athens were now a distant memory.

I  met up with Pete Williams - friend of the blog, and comments here as  PWLL. Pete is here on holiday with his daughter. Great to meet up with you at last. We may yet get to finish our conversation ...

Later in the process of relocating lemons, to a place where they will be better appreciated, Val and Kev arrived. Kev clearly had never seen a lemon the size of a grapefruit before. After a quick chat he headed off to find a glass big enough, to take the Gin and Tonic to go with it. An ice bucket springs to mind ...

The airport was very busy, plenty of Boomerangers arrived, and headed off to their favourite haunts. I met of with the 'Ninja' Vivienne and 'Elle' our island loving west coast american at Taverna Alexandros. Along came Lesley D and her mum to swell the numbers.

Lesley D, Ninja - Brian, Vivienne, Elle, Kathleen ...
And the 'most famous waiter' in Skiathos
Alex ...
I had a 'miso kilo' carafe of red wine for the Ninja, complete with a straw. Its a joke as he always says 'I never buy him a drink'. He is one of the nicest people I have met here on the island. We first met at Alexandros many years ago, and its a banter (Which many do not understand) and friendship that has continued to this day ...

Lovely people and good friends, at the home of the Boomerang club ...

Later update:

Apparently I was spotted there the night before too - by Kev and Pat from Preston who said ...

'Spotted - the man had to be......who else could walk into Alexandros and sit himself down with staff after introducing a couple of diners, then disappear into the night waving to more friends' ...

Who me ? ...

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

One month in ...

The season seems to be going steady ...

I have been asked by friends if its busier or quieter than last year. To be honest its hard to tell. I see a lot of people down the island. Koukounaries is the most laid back resort, and many do not venture far. Troulos has its share of frequently visited places. Aghia Pareskevi seems busy, I think its the best area on the island for the mix of great beach, restaurants and bars.

The smaller hotels do seem quiet but some owners said to me, they will be full from this weekend. The big hotels do seem busy with guests. We have the Pentecost Greek holiday shortly, that will give some direction to how busy summer will be.

The usual summer madness has started, the water has been cut off in town. A couple of power cuts. One that seems to have damaged a circuit in my house. Good job its not winter of the contingency lighting plan would have to be in operation.

The other summer madness is filling the mailbox, the BBC weather pundits for Skiathos. I have no idea if its going to rain this weekend. You all say it will, you also said that it was thunderstorms forecast here on Monday. We did not have them either ...

Nikos our local expert forecasts the following Mostly cloudy and cooler. Precipitation possible within 12 hours, possibly heavy at times. Windy.

I have met some lovely people these last few weeks. Its hard to mention you all. Kay and Trevor were here. They extracted the final answers from the quiz, from me in exchange for a Skiathos pearl ...

I bumped into another old friend the other day. Must say I was very pleased to see Vangelis. I have been worried about him as he has been absent from his usual beat. 

As usual there is a Gypsy fraternity offering flowers, on the old harbour. However appealing they are - Tell them to get lost, and buy one from Vangelis. After all he is Greek, his pension will have been cut. He has the last working Polaroid camera in the western hemisphere, and has a licence to trade ...

Gerry and Norah sought me out, and we have bumped into each other a few times this week. I understand they are avid readers of the blog in winter, between travels. Hopefully they will read this in the autumn, and catch up then ...

Liz and Ian flew in and are carrying essential supplies for the Skiathian. I have spent the last month scouring Skiathos for a nail brush. I failed, probably due to the lack of apparent hand hygiene, here in this part of the world. Skiathos is a nail brush free island.

I had a brainwave yesterday morning - Yes if you were here the lights dipped. An emergency text to Liz at Manchester airport. Only to find out they were about to endure a two hour, and then what turned out to be a three hour delay. A Boots nail brush on its way to the relief of the Skiathian.

Some very unhappy Mancunians yesterday morning, I thought a few more hours in the sun drinking Carlsberg sorry Mythos at Desires, would have been more than welcome ...

My neighbour Gerry popped in for a chat, much appreciated to catch up on news. We found ourselves stuck for a place for a coffee. The local power cut forcing the bar to close up. I managed to get the owner to open the fridge, and impart cool refreshments upon us.

Gerry I know you are back hard at work, but this is what you are missing ...

Now delete all those e-mails, and fly back - You know it makes sense ...

There is an outbreak of chicken pox on the island, and a sore throat virus. A few people with tummy disorders too. Please leave your germs at home when travelling to the rock. 

One VILP will be going home on Friday after being quarantined on his first holiday, and extending his parents holiday by a week. Ryan - like to see the risk assessment after your pool visit. Thanks for the feedback about the flights, Nice to meet you all ...

We met up with Lesley, and her mum Kath the other evening, Thank you so much, for the gifts for Junior, and the courier duties. It was great to see you, and share a glass of wine. I do not know what you did to SWMBO before I arrived, was it Nitrous oxide? I had to send her to bed.

The Olive bread sales are increasing at the fourneo, as a result of the winter research, and your subsequent news flashes. Good luck with the cards, and 'that photo' Have fun up in the hills with Margaret ...

Lesley reports being really impressed, with the new toilet facilities at the Bourtzi. She is quite right, perhaps its a gift from a departing Mayor? A room with a view, but only when the cafe is open, and not when the locals need it - There is quite a scrap on FB between some islanders over that installation :)

Today is another no school day for Junior, No idea why either. Perhaps they are recounting the election results, just to make sure ...

Church bells ringing with great enthusiasm, breakfast is one from my summer school days. Porridge with cold milk on top. Mum would be pleased with me. On the subject of milk, Janeybos - the Banana milk shake mix has gone down a storm with Junior ...

Dropping SWMBO off at work, the other day. She gets out of the car, and said "Oh my God! look a Crocodile!" - 'No honey that's just a medium size Balklan lizard'. 

Plenty of snakes about too at the moment. (Skiathian expects the mailbox to fill up shortly with posts from UK saying that he is wrong, as they have not seen one) The mark one eyeball is the best, where a camera cannot capture the event. However I can report, a four foot slithering snake is quite a sight. Likewise a smaller one swimming in a pool, and defying capture - and execution ...

Snakes alive - Trevor has been in touch with the Nostros version, that paid his friends a visit a week or so ago ...

Watch where you walk, its that time of year ...

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Vangelis ...

Is back on the rock ...

I have been rather worried by not seeing him. Pleased to see he is OK ...

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Monday, 26 May 2014

The Skiathos Mayor ...

is Dimitris Prevezanos ...

The results ...

Completed the count at 11 polling stations in the Municipality of Skiathos, where Dimitri Prevezanos secured the position of mayor, with a 53.97% against Giannis Patsas.

Among 5114 registered voted in 3597 (108 void, 61 white) and received:

PREVEZANOS [Skiathos VISION OF LIFE] 1850 53.97%
PATSAS [The Skiathos ISE ESI] 1578 46.03%

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Skiathos decides ...

Today is the final vote, the run off in the Mayoral election campaign ...

Its between the old and the new, the 'old gunfighter' and the 'new sharpshooter'.


Between 7am and 7pm they will be facing each other down at the school, avoiding eye contact as they canvass last second support.

The show down takes place in Papadamatis street between 7pm and 9pm ...

The loosing candidates do not seem to have, published support for any candidate. However as near to an endorsement is the following quote ...

'Think seriously and do not sell your vote and this Sunday to anyone who come to buy. Sincerely, Manolis Paschalis'

So is Skiathos going to vote for the old guy, or the new guy. A return to the old ways, or forward with the new way. I hope the people of Skiathos get out, and vote like they did last week. Especially the young people, Its very important for their future, they are the future.

SWMBO and I will be off to cast our votes later today. Like I have said to friends, and my own countrymen who are entitled to vote. Its no good complaining for the next five years about the outcome, if you do not bother spending a few minutes of your time, taking part in the process.

Pappa Yorgos is ringing the bells at Tries Hieraches right now at 6:30am. Later it will be 'for whom the bell tolls' at the ballot box. I hope tonight the result means that Skiathos looks forward to the future, and not back to the past ...

Afternoon update:

A very warm humid day here on the rock. It seems to be keeping people away from the voting station at the school. Its a lot less busy than last week. There are three ballots, EU, Prefecture and Local Mayor. I as a resident can take part in EU, and Local Mayor.

15:41hrs local - Skiathian cast his vote for Mayor of Skiathos ...
Results expected at around 2200hrs this evening ...

Evening update:
21:16hrs local - Looks like the Skiathos Mayor will be Dimitris Prevanzanos ...

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Thermals above - Tremors below ...

Quite an interesting morning ...

Rather busy work wise, and a warm humid day due to cloud cover high above. Then at 12:25pm we had an Earth tremor.

It was a biggie. I was talking with friends, and we all looked at each other as if to say 'Did you feel that'. Its the first time I have been standing up, and had the sensation that I had lost my balance. It was not just me, all three of us ...

The Earthquake itself took place under the sea bed very near to the Greek island of Lemnos. Its been reported as a Mag 6.4 with a Mag 5 aftershock. So far we have 1 reported injured person in Greece, in Lemnos and appx. 100 - 120 injured people already in Turkey.

SWMBO was down near the airport, at a childrens party. the glasses were shaking. The mums saying look at that ...

On the plus side we watched a buzzard, soaring on thermals, a short while later ...

Friday, 23 May 2014

Spots before your eyes ...

Did you fly in last Friday from Manchester?

If so keep an eye out for spots before your eyes. One young man is, down with Chickenpox, he is grounded here, with Mum and Dad for an extra week ...

So for all those who on the aircraft, who complain about children - Then if you get an extra week here on Doctors orders you can be thankful. Foreigners bringing infectious diseases to Skiathos - Here the children here are inoculated against Chicken Pox ...

Reminds me of my first trip here with Junior. 'Seriously disgruntled of East Grinstead' threw a tantrum. She had an aisle seat, and me SWMBO & Junior had seat A&B. Me in the window 'A' seat with Junior.

'Seriously disgruntled of East Grinstead' said to all within a six row radius, 'Its ridiculous bringing children to Skiathos' the stewardess was summoned, and she was moved. I thought my luck was in when the stewardess winked at me.

At Volos, a school party got on, guess who was in the middle, for three hours. Meanwhile Junior slept in my arms all the way to Gatwick ...

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Carpe diem ...

Carpe is the second-person singular present active imperative of carpō, "pick or pluck," used by Ovid to mean "enjoy, seize, use, make use of".

Diem is the accusative case of the noun "dies", that means "day". 

A more literal translation of "Carpe diem" would thus be "enjoy the day" or "pluck the day [as it is ripe]"—i.e. to enjoy the moment; however, in its modern-day usage, the "diem" usually gets abstracted as "opportunity."

So here are a few photos of my day ...

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Annual visitors ...

Like the Swallows and House Martins have arrived today ...

Their scientific name is 'Boomeranger' and have arrived to open their summer palaces. 'The Persian princess' has arrived, and very shortly the hills will be full of the aromas of fine food, and perhaps a party or two. Further up the alps, the 'Chilled out Hilliers' are back for their early summer sojourn ...

But someone else is here ...

A friend who touches base every year and sets up camp nearer town. We have the game of internet tag to make contact, one that many of you know so well. The message suggests a rendezvous at one or two locations, where you may or may not know, I can sometimes be found ...

A flying visit to town, on a fruitless attempt to locate my trail last night.

A text message this morning ...

A time and date set ...

I arrived a few minutes early, only to see her checking for spies in the other direction ...

I did not arrive empty handed ...

Unfortunately the intended roses were not good at the moment ...

There was a waft of expensive perfume, from my immaculately turned out friend ...

We hugged, and she passed me a gift in a green bag ...

The same as the last few years, and one that is very much appreciated ...

The lady from Wales is here ...
Yes Pinkygirl is here, with my gift from her part of the world. Fresh Asparagus from Blighty. Actually via 'Marks and Spencer'. I passed her a freshly picked (15 minutes earlier) sun warmed, and very fragrant lemon, the size of my fist. Oozing with its own fragrant perfume ...

Another quick hug, and Pinkygirl headed off back to her sunlounger, at Angeliki. Nikos was tasked to put the lemon to good use, with something refreshing whilst Pinkygirl surveyed the view out to sea ...

Back at base and SWMBO insists we eat then as a matter of urgency, in fact within the hour. So that's what we will do. On what has been known in our house as 'Pinkygirl day' ...

Later update:
Poached Asparagus, some warmed olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. A couple of sun dried tomatoes, and some freshly ground salt and pepper. SWMBO Verdict: Delicious ...

Thank you Marg, see you soon x ...

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Quote of the day (Updated) ...

'The tourists are so serious in the mornings' he said.

'At night when I open the tap on the wine barrel, then they smile. Then they laugh, some even dance to the music. But in the mornings they just walk, and pretend I am not there' ...

Who said that to me this morning? ...


Looks like you are struggling with this one. OK another phrase that reduces me to fits of laughter, and sends the tourists running for cover...

'I have a red goat and it gives me white milk. Whats that all about'? ...

09:23 Thursday

Still struggling, come on you can do better than this ...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Good day sunshine ...

You know the rest ...

This morning's cloud cover, burned back at 8:30am. Looks like we are in for a warm if not sunny day. The views over to Evia are stunningly clear, once again. I expect they are the same to Mount Athos today, from the north of the island.

The loosing candidates in the Mayoral election have been looking at the results.

Sakis Zlatoydis 

Dear friends, I would like to express my gratitude to all who stood by me in this effort and who believed in me. Congratulations to all who dared to stand for their opinions, being themselves candidates as members of all six groups.
All the best to the candidates whom the citizens of Skiathos chose to continue to the second round of the elections next Sunday.

Maniolis Paschalis

Tell a postarisma by noon of Sunday, explaining in my opinion, the outcome of the election because we know that our combination had the great power of young people.
And in those ages the abstention surpassed 60%

I would be amazed if Maniolis did not ask for a recount for third place. Looking it by just one vote. However I understand over 100 votes cast in his favour, were rejected as spoilt papers.

This afternoon its been warm and sunny, banks of cloud from time to time. A nice fresh salad for a late lunch, making mind body and spirit feeling good - What more could you ask for ...

This evening, I bumped into Maniolis in Papadamatis street. Someone once said, 'a week is a long time in politics' I think he knows that quite well now. I like him, and he spoke to me from the heart about the last few days.

Tonight, he meets with his campaign, to discuss the way forward. Who to support this Sunday. He has four questions for each candidate. Four election promises to secure a deal in the next few days.

So 10 minutes with me, and many others stopped to chat. He struggles with why the younger voters stayed at home. He feels the time was right. I appreciated those few moments, I hope he does what is right. Four years is a long while to wait, if the wrong man gets in.

An even longer week in politics ...

Monday, 19 May 2014

Mayoral Election result ...

VOTED: 3,675 - 71.86%
VALID: 3,580
VOID: 73
ABSTAIN: 28.14%

Skiathos VISION of LIFE
VOTES: 1052 - 29.39%
'' The island is you''
Votes: 874 - 24.41%
Votes: 657 18.35%
Votes: 656 - 18.32%
For Skiathos take place
Votes: 181 - 5.06%
Votes: 160 4.47%

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Mayoral election (Live)

Polls closed at 19:00hrs in the first ballot for the selection of the Mayor and council positions.

Looked a very busy poll earlier.

The count is being undertaken at the school where we voted earlier.

21:15 Dimitris Prebanzanos doing very well at the initial count.

21:20 Reports that the popular vote is spread amongst the other five candidates

21:32 Reports Prebanzanos leading, Paschalis and Patsas very close for second place.

The top two candidates will go head to head next Sunday ...

21:37 Supporters optimistic at, Pascalis campaign office.

21:45 Reports Prebanzanos will go through to week 2

Prebanzanos is 70 years young, he seemed quite relaxed earlier ...

Seems the number of candidates has split the vote. Lots of horse trading to come this week.

22:00 Still awaiting official result ...

Much anticipation , must be a few nerves jangling over the result.

22:04 Filaretto said to have a good number of votes, a three way race for second place ?

22:19 Prebanzanos has 300+ votes over second place Patsas at the moment

22:30 Pascalis campaign office very dissapointed

22:45 Am in Patsas office looking at the results live on the link, he is wearing a very broad smile

Result is Prebanzanos 1st
Patsas 2nd

Around 60 votes difference ...

Yannis Patsas checking the numbers at his campaign HQ, as the votes for the councillors come in ...

Election day dawns ...

Its a beautiful morning, clear blue skies and stunning views across to Evia ...

Today is the day we cast our vote - well those of us that have registered, from the 500+ official residents who are non Greek EU nationals.

A message from Geof Baldry on the process ...

This Sunday, 18th May, there are the local, County and European elections held at the primary school by the bus terminus.
Voting is from sun up to sun down.

We foreigners are only voting in the local, municipal, elections.

You must take your passport for identification and find the school room which is set aside for Latin names (i.e. non Greek names).
Once your name has been found in the voter's registration lists, you will be handed several pieces of paper and an envelope. Each paper will have the name of a different candidate for mayor, in Greek, with a list of names beneath it. It would be good to familiarize yourselves with the Greek name of your candidate of choice. When you enter the polling booth, you throw away all the bits of paper except the one which you have selected as your mayor of choice. You can then put a cross against up to three of the names listed below, who are people standing for councillor with your mayor of choice. You must put a cross (like a plus sign +) next to the names. NOT an x! This is very important as if you put anything but a cross (+), it is possible that your vote will be rejected as a spoilt ballot. Forgot to add that you then fold your paper into the envelope and return it to the registrar.

Happy voting!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Something for everyone ...

It started with a bare backside ...

Not sure that walking to the bus stop, wearing just a thong is acceptable. However the male owner of the dental floss apparel, did take note of our conversation. Pulled some shorts out of a bag, and continued on his journey.

I watched earlier, as a man crashed off his motorbike, and managed to land on his feet. He also jogged to a stop unhurt. The motorbike not so lucky.

This afternoon, I met my neighbour, here on a cheapie flight accommodation package. Cheap as chips, and someone cleans the room too.

Yesterday evening, a thunderstorm washed the west of the island, and in town it remained dry. There are some biting flies being a nuisance. I square cut a horsefly for four, to a place where they never return. Horrible things, and watched a hornet, circle the room before seeking a classier environment.

Enjoyed seeing what the prospective Mayors had to say last night. Who is with whom, all up on the stage ...

A lovely afternoon, blue skies and a warm breeze. SWMBO & Junior are down on the beach. Very tempted to join them, only I do not have a thong ...

Mayoral Election Speeches ...

Here are some photos from last nights Mayoral Election address ...

Sadly due to work commitments,  I was only able to be present for two candidates speeches. 

Maniolis Paschalis

Giannis Patsas

Plenty of fireworks, not only on the stage ...

Not sure if this was for visual effect - or someone trying to get their teacher to have a coughing fit on stage.


Expect more tomorrow night after the council vote ....

Friday, 16 May 2014

Skiathos flights to Thessaloniki from 1 June ...

Skiathos acquires flights to Thessaloniki from 1 June. Airline Sky Express based in Crete and was founded in 2005 starts flying Thessaloniki-Skiathos three times a week, namely every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

The commercial director of Sky Express John Lidakis referring to the new venture of the company said: "The Thessaloniki interest as a tourist destination and we intended long to add new routes."

This airline already connects Thessaloniki with Lemnos, Skyros, Ikaria, Mytilini, Chios, Rhodes and Samos.

Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutari his part said that through this churning emerges and the city of Thessaloniki as the destination.


A man with a plan ...

Its that time of year ...

A Greek friend siddled up to me, explained pleasantries, and then asked if I would be voting for him. I asked who he was standing to support. He showed me the papers and I nearly fell off my chair ...

'You have got to be joking' would be a polite way of putting my reply. My friend was rather shocked by my total rejection of support, for his Mayoral candidate. Good for Skiathos was mentioned to me repeatedly. Even better if not elected my firm reply ...

I am a stranger, but entitled to my point of view, one that my friend seemed rather surprised to hear. My direction has become clearer during the last few days. The length of rejected candidates becomes longer. I know who I am not going to vote for. When I ponder over my morning coffee, I have a very good idea who, I think is best to vote for ...

I know which of the supporters candidates deserve my support in the team. Only one knows I will vote for him, but I would vote for this man, whichever candidate he supported - because he is the right man.

I am looking forward to Sunday, and the one after that, when Skiathos decides. May the best man or woman win ...

Late update for island residents:

Tonight in front of the Bourzi, the political candidates for Mayor of Skiathos will be making their final campaign speeches. Each candidate has 20 minutes on stage with his supporters in front of the electorate ...

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The May full moon ...

In all its ghostly glory ...

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rather breezy ...

Blowing the cobwebs away this morning ...

The pollen too for those suffering with allergies, here on the rock. Some new pale faces out and , about after yesterday's flight arrivals from the UK. I think we humans, are descended from the meer cat. The expressions are the same ...

Full moon tonight, some are a little crazy already judging by some of the conversations I have witnessed this morning.

Kay and Trevor arrived here, sadly my astronomical UK specialist, has failed his May objectives. Nothing of solar interest for me to view. However he had time to contemplate this at Gatwick. Everyone twiddling their thumbs, whilst they waited for a push back from the terminal.

Last night, I met up with Steve_53 and friends, who had pitched camp at Taverna Alexandros. They are doing the island on foot this week.  Mad dogs and Englishmen, out in the noon day sun.  Great stories about how they were led astray on their walks, four men and a dog, and a yomp up to Kastro ...

Then down on the harbour, met up with Janeybos. One glass of wine, led to another, and we did not go hungry at this venue. Next door was rather quiet ...

Election posters have appeared all over town overnight. It's getting interesting, with just a few days to go ...

Later update:

The high winds caused the abandonment, of the annual infant school children's boat trip. They were stuck on Koukounaries beach, and the boat could not continue. The island buses were commandeered to ferry the children back to town.

Later the warm winds strengthened, and lumps were flying off the trees late this afternoon. However the winds hid the temperature, a very warm 31 degrees.

There should be some red noses around on Thursday morning ...

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A rose by any other name ...

So can someone identify it for me ?

I have no idea what it is, but the fragrance is amazing ...

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Yiannis Patsas - Candidate for Mayor - Manefesto ...

Island residents, and interested friends: This is the first detailed document, that I have seen describing the plan by one of the candidates. If anyone on the island has the others - You know how to get in touch ...

I have been able to obtain, a translated copy of the manifesto for the 'Skiathos is You' party in the forthcoming Mayoral elections. Yannis Patsas is the candidate for this party.

His representative for the foreign, non Greek speaking residents, here on the island  is Robert Henry Bruce Wilson ...
Election schedule:

The first ballot in the election process is on Sunday 18th May, for the councillors. If one mayoral candidate’s councillors win a majority, then that mayor and his councillors will be elected. If there is no majority, then the top two mayoral candidates with the most councillor votes, will stand again on the second election day Sunday, May 25th, when votes will just be for the individual mayoral candidates. Councillors elected during the first vote will also form part of the new council. There will also be entirely separate voting for the EU elections on Sunday May 25th ...

Decentralised model of Administration, effective operation of the Municipal Council Safe Business Environment, Development of Legacies, Creation of a Resource Management Fund and Vital and Significant Co operations


a)to the level of the major municipal party in weekly meetings (everything to everyone’s
b)to the level of Municipal services (flat-horizontal administration)

  • Compliance with the regulation upon agreed flexibility towards the promotion ofconversational interaction on major issues
  • Implementation of the decisions of the M.C.
  • Citizens’ presence and active citizenship


  • -Monthly convocation and citizens’ updating via the Internet
  • -Merit based participation of citizens as members
  • -Intervening participation of citizens as audience

  • Establishment of a committee-branch (of elected representatives, employees, citizens) onthe systematic research and safe participation of the Municipality in current programs
  • No program lost, maximum absorbency
  • The Municipality being an essential patron and supporter:
a)in attracting private investments
b)of the private citizen who leases municipal real estate-municipal property
c)controlled licensing of open air markets


It constitutes the Municipality’s social responsibility:

to upgrade significant sectors (of Health, Education, Culture, Sports e.t.c.)

For example the H.C. of Skiathos (when transferred) could become a social welfare
centre for the provision of every kind of social benefits or the building of the olive
oil cooperative could become a cultural centre and provide citizens with any kind of

to contribute to the emergence of the primary sector of production

  • with the local professionals and businessmen
  • with the public services (based on a common point of reference and following conciliation with the Police and Port Authorities, the Fire Brigade e.t.c.)
  • with specialised Organizations, scientists, technocrats
  • with the Municipalities of the neighborly islands (numerous things unite us, few
  • with the Church and Archaeological Service
Responsible Program Planning-Rational rescheduling of Expenses-Full supervision of

  • Rational rescheduling of expenses
  • Full supervision of the deficit
  • Strict timetables for the repayment of debts to the State
  • Favorable settlement of debts, provided this is found necessary
  • Full exploitation of the European funds
  • Full support of entrepreneurship towards the creation of a business environment of Moderate and responsible exploitation of own resources

Detailed research and recording of all difficulties and malfunctions met and faced bytourists-visitors of the island and scheduling of their effective treatment
Planning of a consistent and well structured (short-term, medium-term, long-term) tourist

a)the substantial operation of the Municipal Committee of Tourist Promotion and
b)the corresponding Municipal Office
c)all the bodies interested in public consultation

Upgrading of the Municipality’s webpage
Qualitative and aesthetic upgrading of the participation in national and international tourist exhibitions pursuing new markets
Stable public relations with the region, abroad, NTO services and the tourist promotion
Modern targeted campaign through advertising in regional, national and international
Lengthening of the tourist season through the:

Promotion of alternative forms of tourism, realistic and compatible with the island of

1)walking tourism (historical walks): the contract between the NTO and the Municipality
has been signed and it is now at the auctioning stage
2)diving tourism : filing of a study on three diving parks (Lefteris, Small Tsougrias, Tripiti) –
project under auction/8 million European divers seek diving destinations 12 months a year
3)cultural tourism, basic attraction for cruise ships (after coming into contact with the Greek
Shipowners’ Association it was found out the necessity of cultural issues development).

Studies on the restoration and access to the Tower town were concluded. Studies submitted
to the Ministry of Culture were promoted and a credit of 1,4 million euros was given to us

*The studies and 3 Dvisions of the Tower town were made by Mr Koutsogiannis Dimitrios

4)conference tourism: creation of a Conference Centre of 400 members that meets all the
necessary specifications with the simultaneous creation of an underground parking area (in
cooperation with Epifaneiadis Foundation)

*The studies and 3d visualization constitute a courteous offer of the candidate Municipal Councillor of our party, Christos Massouros
  • Granting of essential motives to businessmen
  • Systematic contacts and attractive motives in order for the island to be established as a destination for the five day school trips of the Third Classes of Senior High Schools and also for the environmental, cultural and educational trips of the First and Second Classes of
  • Effort towards the reopening of the Golf Course
  • Fruitful “taking advantage” of the eminent visitors of the island (journalists, artists,
  • One Day Informative Seminars about Skiathos to Officers and working people in all kinds of
  • Information Sheets (of Cultural and Sports Programs , events e.t.c.) in shops and resorts
  • Substantial and Realistic motives for businessmen in order to keep their businesses open
  • Environmental – Urban Planning Policy
  • Genuine political will to conclude the General Urban Development Plan, protection of forests, cooperation with Environmental and Ecological Associations

Genuine political will to conclude the General Urban Development Plan through:

1) tracing and counting of problems
2)its redefinition towards its fair and citizen-efficient implementation
3)public consultation aiming at the maximum social consent. Thus:

a)the location of infrastructure works is indicated
b)the protection of flora and fauna of aesthetic forests and wetland habitats is secured
c)incorporation of the suburban areas that have become densely built up (Ammoudia, Sfageia, M.Ammos, Peripheral, Ag.Fanourios)
d)implementation of the urban planning extension when found necessary

1)to avoid the arbitrary constructions
2)to achieve a better function of the urban fabric
3)to ensure infrastructure works (water , sewage, expansion of electricity supply, opening up of new streets, creation of parking space)

  • Study of boundary delineation and aesthetic reformation of the city’s historical centre
  • Maximum protection and enhancement of the authentic traditional elements of architectural heritage and of the cobble stone streets (“kalderimia” , of those very few
  • Embellishment and discharge of Papadiamanti street with the possible transfer of uses and actions in more suitable places (the prerequisite being the granting of motives)
  • Strict implementation of the traffic regulation code within the city and particularly reasonable implementation of the legislative framework of noise pollution
  • motives towards the promotion of alternative forms of energy
  • motives towards the embellishment of shops and houses facades
  • Cooperation with Environmental and Ecological Associations aiming at a fruitful brainstorming of propositions and know- how for the protection and cleaning of beaches
  • Coordinated scientific effort together with Animal Welfare Societies and animal lovers towards the civilized treatment of the issue of stray animals (with a minimum effort over
  • Study of long term protection of the biodiversity by exploring the climatic changes and the creation of a Supervision Centre (maybe an International one) of the ecosystem (flora and particularly fauna of the aesthetic forests and wetland habitats)
  • Controlled felling , systematic reforestation and cleaning of dry twigs and trees
  • Integration in NATURA network-in addition to the area of Koukounaries-of the biotopes of
  • Implementation of the walking park in Ag.Georgios lake
  • Integrated protection of the forest in Mandraki aiming at the safe visitors’ hosting
  • Creation of an administration body of the biotope of Koukounaries
  • Utilization of the building in Koukounaries biotope in order for the protected area to be better and more safely developed
  • Reforestation of the bald (whether illegal or not) forest areas
  • Obligatory supervision and cleaning of the area under the responsibility of private individuals that exploit the beaches (umbrellas, canteens) and return of canteens upon the beaches
  • Prohibition of taking away of white round pebbles (lalaria) from the beach named as above
  • Promotion of the cycling culture
  • Supervision of the Municipality towards the legitimacy and aesthetic dimension of all new constructions in order to avoid a further aesthetic degrading of the island

  • Transfer of the cleansing service to an area outside the town plan that does not cause the slightest nuisance-Redetermination of the structures and program of cleanliness, strict monitoring, supervision and timing of its activities aiming at
  • Transfer of the cleansing service to an area outside the city plan that does not cause the
  • Redetermination of the structures and program of cleanliness, strict monitoring, supervision and timing of its activities aiming at the maximum flexibility and efficiency in
  • Organized system of inert material (debris) collection and specific area of deposition
  • Substantial supervision of the operation of the landfill and scientific approach to its impact
  • Integrated form of recycling (separation of glass, plastic, aluminium ) with the cooperation of a specialized and “certified” recycling company so as to avoid their ending up in the
  • Lengthening of the period of life of the landfill
  • Underground waste bins in central locations and garbage trucks of relevant specifications
  • Bins covered with natural materials (such as wood) in the other areas of the island
*The studies and 3d visualization constitute a courteous offer of the candidate Municipal Councillor of our party, Christos Massouros
  • Training of the municipal cleansing human mechanism in the matter of recycling
  • Sensitization and citizens’ taking of action on issues of recycling
  • Productive cooperation with Entities, Associations, Organizations on issues of recycling (an excellent example of relevant interventionism constitute the Green Foxes and “Skiathos”


  • Substantial, coordinated and consistent effort with hydro-geological studies and research in order to increase the quantity and improve the quality of water in our houses
  • Expansion of the urban sewerage system in all areas outside the town plan
  • Replacement of the urban water supply network with the simultaneous electronic monitoring of that (optical fibres)
  • Replacement of the urban sewerage network
  • Expansion of the water supply and sewerage system network to the whole of the southern part of Skiathos with multiple environmental and financial, for the municipality, benefits (the addition of hundreds of connections will change radically the financial data of DEYAS, the beginning of that being the change of the sewerage system in Koukounaries and it
  • Scientific study on the collection and exploitation of water resources (rain water and water from sources that are lost without being used) with water reservoirs , for instance in Kalyvia. Besides all other, fire safety is reinforced.
  • Sewerage machine with access to all the difficult urban areas e.g. narrow or not easily
  • Provision for the protection of pedestrians’ walk along the provincial road of Skiathos-
  • Reconstruction of Papadiamanti street
  • Implementation, opening up and arrangement of the problematic roads of the town plan towards the efficient road transport of the area of Kotroni
  • Reconstruction of the street from Kavouri Super Market till the former SSI (IKA)
  • Reconstruction of the street at the former SSI (IKA) based on the town plan (scaled street)
  • Asphalting of the following streets: E.St. Konstantinos-St.Apostolos-St.Charalampos
Implementation of a complete rural network by asphalting or cementing rural roads (e.g.Kalyvia, Lehouni, St.Charalampos) and passages of access to beaches (Vromolimnos, Kolios,
Ag.Paraskevi, Banana, Koukounaries [bridge up to the provincial road] with the necessary

a)promoting the alternative access from one place of the island to the other (eastern-
b)facilitating primary production
c)ensuring substantial fire safety
  • Protection and enhancement of the historical path of Castle-Skiathos and its being declared as a monument worthy to be preserved (it is worth pointed out that at least four parts of it
  • Implementation of all ready for auction projects (street from Troulos junction to Aselinos, street from Pounta to Xanemos, children’s playground and Ag.Triada square e.t.c.)
  • Implementation of the necessary technical works in dirt roads
  • Study on the renewal of the Western and Eastern Seafront (New and Old Port) towards the enhancement of facades with natural materials and the better operation of businesses
*The studies and 3d visualization constitute a courteous offer of the candidate Municipal Councillor of our party, Christos Massouros
  • Expansion of the municipal lighting in all streets of the city plan
  • Artistic lighting for the enhancement of the traditional elements and locations of the island i.e. Ag.Triada square, Panagia Limnia, T.Ierarchon, Ag.Nikolaos e.t.c.
  • Underwater artistic lighting of the peninsula of Bourtzi and the Old Harbor
  • Rearrangement of the existing electricity supply , in cases of urban planning problems or problems caused to businessmen and citizens (light pollution)
  • Energy saving rheostats, necessary for financial and environmental reasons
  • New commercial port compatible with our real needs , of smooth intervention , suitable to the scale and the area physiognomy
  • Marina compatible with the surrounding area
  • Substantial and aesthetic development of the port landed area




*The studies and 3d visualization constitute a courteous offer of the candidate Municipal

Councillor of our party, Christos Massouros









  • Establishment of an informal but active committee (mainly of citizens) for the permanent cooperation with the local church, the archaeological service or any competent institutional factor and interested association towards the protection, restoration and promotion of our historical monuments. (Kefala, Metakastrinos Settlement in Ag. Anastasa, Monasteries, Chapels, Watermills in Keghrias, Fryktories e.t.c)
  • Substantial help to the work of new artists and offering of motives to them to promote their work through exhibitions, performances, cultural events incorporated in the wider cultural
  • True contribution to every effort of thematic museums organization (Folklore, Marine,
  • Effort towards the re-establishment of the choir and philharmonic, taking advantage of voluntary offers and the necessary financial support of the Municipality.
  • Establishment of the Municipal Library, mainly for the gathering and promotion of all
  • The high standard museum of “Papadiamantis” could be the starting point of numerous mental, cultural and artistic activities
  • Creation of a cinema club (moviegoers abound on the island!)
  • Drawing up of the annual general cultural program with every cultural institution under the
  • Full support offered by the Municipality to every sport event and activity of the island, mainly to the football, basketball association, tae kwon do and others
  • Drawing up of the Annual General Sport program with every interested sport institution under the auspices of the Municipality
  • Forwarding of the study on the creation of sports facilities (Shooting range, Equestrian
  • Upgrading of the Children’s Centre
  • Improvement of the building infrastructure and valid anticipation of needs for schools
  • Integration of young people into professional training and further training programs
  • Integration into life long learning programs
  • Support of the local gastronomy and guarantee of the Protected Designation of Origin label in local products (direct connection with primary production)
  • Promotion of the local gastronomy in all kinds of resorts
Participation in any kind of program promoting primary production

*The studies and 3d visualization constitute a courteous offer of the candidate Municipal
 Councillor of our party, Christos Massouros
  • Systematic and targeted exercise of pressure in cooperation with the Municipalities of the neighbouring islands towards the best possible transportation coverage.
  • Effort for the reconnection by air with Thessaloniki or another city of Macedonia (Athens
  • Wooden floating platforms for the facilitation of transport between Skiathos and the
  • Bus service connecting Skiathos-I.M. Evangelistrias-Profitis Ilias-Katsarou-Skiathos
  • Creation of a Municipal Welfare Fund
  • Contribution to the purchase of Medical Equipment
  • Insurance of all students for accidents
  • Cooperation with the competent scientific entities for the diagnosis and treatment of
  • Hiring of a social worker and a psychologist
  • Cooperation with a reliable trustworthy and “certified” Insurance Organization for the

Some people are very strange ...

Last night a member of the aristocracy, was talking ...

About me and not quite to me, she said to her friend " I doubt he speaks English"
I said politely, 'I am English, was there anything I could do to help her' ...

She looked at me over the top of her half rim glasses. Studied me the way a sparrow extracts a worm from the soil, and the English rose in the Laura Ashley style dress, turned her back, and walked off with her friend, without a further word or acknowledgement.

Perhaps they forgot to reboard the cruise liner, the other day. The golden years are not always the best for some. But from the accent you would certainly expect better manners ...

I must admit, I am fascinated by what people are jabbering on about, when they think you are Johnny foreigner. Last night some couples were chatting away, the ladies were trying to out laugh each other like Hyenas. The pitch increased every few seconds, but the men were not laughing just talking. Perhaps its something from our ancient DNA, the hyena laugh to show territorial advantage.

Next two ladies asked me to change some money, I must admit, I did laugh but they were charming and fun. Perhaps its a new service that I should offer. I advised them where to go and the best rate. Sadly I could not help them further.

What happened next was amazing, A man came and asked me some advice. I tried to help him as best I could. He knew what he wanted and was very polite. His good lady wife, came up with steam emitting from her ears.

Peter ! Don't talk to him, I have had enough, come here!
She grabbed him by the arm, and pulled him away. I watched amazed as he was dragged away to heel.

In just a few hours, I had seen the best and worst of the traveller. I looked at the moon and its not yet full. I can only put down what I witnessed, as the strain some people feel on holiday in a new environment. In one case probably being in close proximity with their partner for more time than just a weekend.

As for being mistaken for a local, My tan must be coming along nicely then. When the weather is like this, you could be excused for mistaking the Skiathian for a Skiathiti ...

Note the heat haze ...
Later last night, I met up with Jane and friends at a new bar on the Paralia. Great to catch up on news and events. For the first time in 23 years I met a native of Trinidad, and we spoke abot how things have changed over the years. The scarlet ibis, the pitch lake, tropical rain, smokey and bunty, Scotland bay where we both tried body surfing, the Queens Park Oval and whats been going on in that beautiful country ...

What a lovely few hours - However just how the bar will do, at €4 a small bottle, I am not so sure. Lovely wine glasses, and not much evidence in the way of tapas. Perhaps their view of tapas is different to mine. Four beers and just two bowls of crisps is taking the Michael. Hope by the time you get here that have given the finishing touches to the loos ...

Teatime update:

One of the new buses, is running on the route. Seems to be a lean mean and very quiet machine. Looks good too ...

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

You missed this ...

Last night, another awful sunset ...

Now that I have shared that with you, what about today ...

Today has been a gorgeous sunny day, just the odd hint of distant high level clouds over Evia. Its been lovely and warm, peaking at 26 degrees this afternoon.

I have my first evidence of summer with the appearance of strap lines from my sandals. Many have said I am quite brown, but not as dark as last year when I fried in the sun ...

On my travels I spotted that the new Skiathos Buses have arrived from the mainland. They look really good, a great addition to the island services ...

Meanwhile the old buses sit in the council yard ...

Down the island the Oleander is in bloom, also roses now bud, open, bloom and drop their petals in four days. One gorgeous bush, I had my eye on has done just that. Two of the buds came home for international Mothers day today, one opened by the time, I had got it home. Amazing fragrance - wish I knew what it was its such a lovely plant ...

We have had a delivery of fresh supplies, from friends on the island. Huge lettuces from Koukounaries, Parsley, Rocket, and Spring onions from Troulos. It looks like a great salad is in order later. We have had some great tomatoes too. If all goes well there should be pistachios, from the mainland this week too, summer is definitely here ...
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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mayoral elections ...

It's a big election canvassing night in town. This evening Mrs Filaretto will be addressing the English speaking electorate, from the little picture gallery in Papadamatis street. Sadly I cannot attend, but met a few Brits on the way there earlier.

 Later at the opposite end of the street, Maniolis Paschalis will be holding a rally, and addressing the locals with his plans for the future. This will be a much bigger affair, rather like that which filled Papadamatis street a few evenings ago, when Mr Paras made his speech ...

 General feel seems to be that none of the candidates, have won the electorate over so far. This time next week it will be election eve. I wonder if we will have a better picture by then ...

Later Update:

Maniolis Paschalis rally ...

If only all elections were like this. I would give the buffet a 4/5 for presentation, but a full 5/5 for the hungry man factor. I did not try the wine, but mingled with the Skiathos faithfull.

Sadly I did not hear him speak, you get an idea of the charisma, and ability to present himself to the electorate. Still he shook me by the hand, and thanked me for attending. I asked if any of the other Brits had been there, he said perhaps one - but there was free wine earlier, at the other end of the street ...

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Waiting for a bus ...

I had a ride on the bus last night ...

Met a lovely couple only going one stop, but it was late and dark. This morning I was listening to some of countrymen. Fresh from their welcome meeting, heading off to town on the bus.

There is just one bus operating, so around one hour between trips.

It's a lovely morning with blue skies and a gentle breeze, a few high level clouds around, but not much else. A pleasant day here on the rock ...

They had declared it a non beach day, and were heading into town. The bus timetable had defeated them. 'Is that the time it gets here or is that the time it leaves'? So we're they talking about their plans for the day, the week?

No the delights of Burton on Trent and Wigan.

Is it me? ....


Friday, 9 May 2014

Airport taverna (Update) ...

Signs of life ...

This morning, a bulldozer was working on the front area of tiffanys. It was removing all the broken concrete from the garden area.

Now as works have been suspended at the airport, why is a bulldozer working ?

It seemed also to be levelling the land. Perhaps the suspension of work has allowed a window of opportunity, for it to reopen for the summer. It looks a wreck, but someone will want to use it ...

It is being reported on the Boomerangers Facebook page, that a taverna will open nearby shortly. Its located up the hill behind where the photo has been taken. In addition that a tender to re-open the upstairs cafeteria, at the terminal is in progress. I do not know if this is true ...

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