Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Olive Bread for Lesley ...

Not mine this time, but this I have researched for Lesley this morning ...

Is this what you are looking for ?

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  1. Oh wow yes that's exactly what I am after thanks! Where is this from or is it home made? :-)

  2. Where is this olive bread from? you are keeping me in suspense lol :-)

  3. Two places: Its made at the bakery on the ring road opposite the very far end of Papadamatis street. It's also sold at their Papadamatis street store, at the bottom of the street. Opposite Tsak Mpam' s creparie.

    You can buy the full disc or a half disc. Now everyone knows, expect it to be sold out :)

  4. Thank you looks like I will have to order some then! twice last year on my return flights home I had 10 olive breads in my hand luggage which went in the freezer when I got home :-)
    don't think they were in the freezer long though!
    does this bakery have a name?

    1. The rough translation is 'fime zeas'
      I am sure they will take an order for you.